three important accessories you need for your kitchen remodel

When you start thinking about your kitchen remodel most of the time you think about the cabinets first. What kind, what types, what colors…….but then you realize you need other stuff…….


Your cabinet maker will need to know the appliances you have picked out. All they need is the model number. With that number the cabinet maker can look up the appliance and get all the measurements they need. You then shouldn’t have to worry about if they will fit because that’s the cabinet makers job.

This is a link for an appliance company where you can find all of the appliance brands you can think of and order them online: Appliances Connection


Lighting sometimes changes when you remodel a kitchen. Some kitchens have those great light boxes that drop down from the ceiling in the middle of the room and make the kitchen feel more closed in. Most people are taking those out and putting in can lights instead.

There are also ways you can incorporate lighting under the upper cabinets as well as inside a cabinet that has glass doors. These you want to coordinate with your cabinet maker so they can make the room or cut out the space for the lights. We used to use puck halogen lights that were the best on the market at the time but now since LED lights are here they are the better choice. They don’t only make them in puck lights, but in strings, bulbs, etc. There are a lot of options to choose from.

Here is a link for the lighting should you be inclined to look for some: 1-800 Lighting and if its your first order with them, you get 15% Off!

Knobs & Pulls

Now this one is a no brainer and a kicker because there is SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM! If you have a hard time making a choice with decorating, may I suggest you look at Pinterest for a couple of months before you decide to start remodeling your kitchen.

Do we do only pulls? Do we do knobs and pulls? What is the best brand? Well……you ask and I will tell you. Amerock is a very good brand and one of the best that I have used and I will tell you why. One job we did a few years ago the customer decided to purchase the cheapest pulls she could find, (not to offend but sometimes the cheapest doesn’t work correctly). Anyway we found out that the pulls mounted crooked because the threading in the screw was not straight. This caused a huge problem in trying to put the pulls on straight and educate the customer that we weren’t drilling the holes incorrectly.
Every time we have purchased Amerock or used their products I have had nothing but great things to say about them!

So in the meantime if you are thinking about a kitchen remodel make sure you find out if you’re going to need to add or change lighting, if you need pulls and or knobs, and if you are replacing all your appliances or just some. And have those things picked out fairly soon before you dive in to the remodel.

I wish you all the best in your kitchen remodeling adventures!

your custom cabinet girl

get knocked down six times – get up seven

Mr. Know-it-All showed me this statement a week or so ago and he said it was my motto.  I love him.
The only thing I would change is I think I’ve been knocked down 100 times already and got up 101.  I just keep telling myself I love rejection!!
Well, the Indiegogo campaign ended earlier this week and we didn’t make the financial goal for trying to raise money for purchasing the epilog laser.  I really see not raising the money as a failure on my part. 
After starting the campaign I learned three things I need to change make the fundraiser successful. 
1.  Millions of followers
2.  My name to be Kim Kardashian
3.  Who am i kidding if my name was Kim Kardashian I wouldn’t have to do a fundraiser.
So after my new learning experience, that’s what we’ll call this for now……I have a new idea on how I am going to spend my time this year that has nothing to do with the Epilog Laser for right now. 
Each month I will target one retailer to sell my cutting boards to.  And at the end of the month I will report on how it went.  Hopefully it went well and and we have a new prospect we are making boards for.  If not, I will move on to focus solely on the next prospect. 
I am going to do things I don’t like to do, like call and talk to the person on the phone.  If they ask me to stand on my head I just might.  I am very focused and driven to get more of our boards out in the stratosphere.  And with more business comes additional profits I could put towards an epilog laser!!!
So……January is going to be Crate & Barrel Month. 
get knocked down six times – get up seven
your custom cabinet girl