naked wine story

So it was in April earlier this year i got a random phone call from a buyer at naked wines.  I didn’t know what naked wines was, so i had to look them up and low and behold they sell wine! They sell wine memberships actually….
The buyer told me that he was looking for a type of gift that could fit into a wine bottle case with one wine bottle.  That way they could ship out the wine with a special gift.

So my wheels got turning….and i talk to Dad about it and we came up with these boards.

Dad spent about two hours coming up with these four different styles.  Two of them are just small enough for cutting and displaying cheese and the other two are good to use for holding your wine glass with putting a little cheese and crackers on the board.

So I submitted my photos and he liked them and asked for a prototype.  I sent all four along and then the waiting began.

I waited……followed up……waited some more……followed up and waited some more.

And then I got the “unfortunately” email.  This email is only ok if you are writing it not the other way around.  Anyways we have 4 new different types of wood products to sell and I plan on putting them on the website soon.

 I did follow up with the buyer last week to find out how the vendor they did choose and their products are selling, but they are not to market yet.  I tell you what, he answered my email!  That’s a good sign that maybe he likes me and will consider our products in the future. 
 a girl can dream…….
your custom cabinet girl


another crazy idea…….

Going back and forth with QVC is very interesting.  I find the rejection of every submission gets easier as the time goes by because I learned my idea didn’t work.  It takes a certain kind of crazy to be able to take rejection and then put yourself out there again so you can feel that great searing pain in your heart just one more time, because I in my crazy mind think…this is it. this is the one time where its different, I am going to get a yes! 
And then I get a “no.”
Well we all stayed home yesterday since my little Nathan was recouping from a cold/fever thing and I put on QVC.  “In the Kitchen with David” was on and there was this guy selling his BBQ ribs.  They were on display for all to see and he had a sad looking cutting board he was cutting his ribs on.  The board was sad, I mean really sad……it was separating and cracked, dry and looked like it had been on the street and run over a couple of times kind of sad. 
Now I know he was not selling cutting boards and only his BBQ ribs, but looking at that board he was cutting on made me feel like if he knew better, he could do better.  He needs a Weber cutting board.  So then came forth another idea of mine that will either make my dreams come true in selling boards to the many or crush them with that one word, “no”.  But not to worry, this “no” doesn’t hurt like it did the very first time, it gets easier as you hear it over and over again.
What is so fascinating about this is that I have a relationship with a seller on QVC and she believes in me and loves my boards!  She is my advocate and I am so grateful for her.  We have tried to get my boards, tablet holders etc on QVC only to be told “no” by the buyers.  For some reason I keep trying……. because I know in my heart if they gave me a chance I could sell every board I made on that show. So the fight continues. 
SIDE NOTE: Did you know that Colonel Sanders the creator of “KFC” heard 1009 “no’s” on his chicken before he heard his first “yes”.  Now that is stamina.  I am going to follow his example.  I am probably only on my 30th “no” right now so I have a lot of work to do. 
Back to the BBQ ribs and “In the Kitchen with David”…… So here is my idea……
I am going to give QVC a few boards, let them use them on air at will for anything they want and see what kind of response I get….. if any…… 
When I find out when they might be used I will notify you my faithful friends to call up the QVC show to ask where you can get that cutting board?  Where? What? That is the best cutting board I have ever seen!  I want one!  Any thing to make them think about putting my boards on air. 
This just might work, but if it doesn’t don’t worry because you know and I know I can come up with another crazy idea at any time and we will try again.
Stay tuned.
your custom cabinet girl

the chew

Well I am up to more shenanigans, and this time might have worked……..
Strategically, I have been trying to find professionals that I can connect with on LinkedIn that I might be able to do work for or with.  I found a really good one just before New Years! 
This wonderful person, has a very important role at “the chew” on ABC and I thought I would ask if she wanted to connect…………and she did!!  And then I was bold enough to ask a favor, (and I say Bold because this is Bold to me),  to ask if I could give her some cutting boards for the cohosts to try out.  She answered my email! Yes she did people!  She answered it and her answer was, “yes, please send me your boards and the cohosts will have access to them and be able to try them out and possibly…….maybe possibly, they could use them on the show!
I thought I would make up 4 boards special for the show and then engrave them with “the chew” logo and hopefully they will be used and noticed.  Here I am with them……….
And here they are on the table……
I am so thankful for the opportunity for the cohosts to
use our boards and see how they like them, also, they might want to talk to me about my shenanigans that I pull on a regular basis………hint hint……
your custom cabinet girl

crushing stereotypes

Its really fun being a girl in a cabinet shop. 
I get to work in the finish shop………. 
 I get to work in the wood shop……….
 I get to work in the office…………

But i bet you don’t know how many times a week i get asked, “you work in the shop?”
Yes i get my hands dirty, and no i don’t like it when the stain doesn’t come off my skin or from under my nails.  I do love the physical aspect of my job, putting the wood away, moving cabinets from one building to another.  Delivering cabinets to the job site.  The thinking that goes on with creating a custom stain, or building a wood project, is just another aspect i love as well. 
Its been 14 years since i started working with my dad and learning about cabinetry, and i have so much more to learn.  Its amazing how much you can expand with knowledge in a trade and the new products and ideas you can try to make. 

We are expanding our line of custom wood products for the kitchen that will be available shortly on our website.  I will begin to post about each new product and i would love to hear feedback how the product will be helpful to you in your kitchen. 

until the next time when i get to work in the office and blog 🙂
your custom cabinet girl

change happens rapidly

I love change.

I get tired of the couch being in the same spot and i change it. 

I move the piano to another room all by myself.

I try to do projects or chores in a different order because maybe, just maybe it will be fun and different this time around……….

The economic out look is changing.  I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. 

I was able to train someone to work in the finish shop so that it could free me up to do other things in the shop and office. 

But with this change i feel like i am not doing enough or being productive because my work doesn’t show in a completed cabinet or a completed cutting board.  I am typing on the computer a lot, printing out paperwork, emailing, and thinking…….lots of thinking, and i have found i have a very short attention span.  I have to concentrate on working on one thing at a time which is hard for me without thinking about the other things i also need to get done…….and then the phone rings……
which i am so thankful for….. 

With these new challenges comes an acceptance of change that i know i can find where i need to be and what i need to be doing.

 I love a good challenge though……….

I am sitting in the office looking at these West Elm boxes and  thinking about how i am going to get another order of 720 done…..   


YES!! you read that right!!!!! 720 BOXES                                        How am i going to get it done?????

We have till January 31st to get these done! 
I don’t know how, but with God’s help its going to be amazing!!!  Maybe i’ll make some video of all the craziness….
now i need to get back to work…..
your custom cabinet girl



now what do i do?

I’ve been working on “Bed Bath & Beyond” as you might have read a few posts back and I finally got a response.  As you can guess from my title its a response that stumped me.  It has the word “unfortunately” in it too…….and i REALLY HATE that word.  Anything that starts with “unfortunately” deserves a deep breath and some “self motivation” before proceeding with the information. 
Anyways, “she” the buyer said that they have a collection set up of cutting boards in their assortment at “Bed Bath & Beyond” and they are not in need of mine, but if i have something new and interesting she would love to see it.  (I did send her something “new and interesting” but nevermind).
So I thought about it, and of course i took her up on it!!  Mr. Know-it-All said, “she has no idea how dangerous it is for her to give me her contact information because i am a pest”, but i don’t care what he says. 
Anyways, I looked through the assortment at “Bed Bath & Beyond” and i noticed that my walnut board might fit well with their other boards…….
so……..i emailed again with the pictures, and how i investigated their assortment, and how my board would be wonderful for “Bed Bath & Beyond.”
Well, Its a No Go.  Done.  Stumped.  What to do next? 
I thought i might tell her that they need to get rid of their entire assortment and just stick with Weber Company boards, but i don’t think that will go over well……..
Any suggestions????
your custom cabinet girl

february is a short month

Did i mention that February is a short month?  If not i just realized that its over and that we are on the 5th day of March today.  As my favorite Grandpa would say, “Holy Crap!”  I was supposed to persue, bother, antaganize, yet another vendor last month, “Bed Bath & Beyond” and well, obviously that didn’t happen. Mr. Know-it-All calls me a pest by doing this one vendor a month thing, so with that in mind, I am going to try them again this month.  This time i will actually call or something. 
In other news, i am learning how to drive the forklift……….
Thats BIG news because its a stick (and i have never driven a stick before), and its got forks on it to lift stuff (which i have never done that before either). 
And then…….monday comes along and
I had an accident where wood kicked back, hit my wrist and then my face giving me a cut on my lip which doesn’t look good and makes me feel very vain.  I keep thinking when someone is talking to me that i should just say i got in a fight or something. 
My dad keeps saying, “its not a glamorous job working in the shop” and i keep thinking, “i never thought it was…………
but i do love the smell of fresh new sawdust and the baby soft sanded cutting board. 
Life is never boring…….
your custom cabinet girl

get knocked down six times – get up seven

Mr. Know-it-All showed me this statement a week or so ago and he said it was my motto.  I love him.
The only thing I would change is I think I’ve been knocked down 100 times already and got up 101.  I just keep telling myself I love rejection!!
Well, the Indiegogo campaign ended earlier this week and we didn’t make the financial goal for trying to raise money for purchasing the epilog laser.  I really see not raising the money as a failure on my part. 
After starting the campaign I learned three things I need to change make the fundraiser successful. 
1.  Millions of followers
2.  My name to be Kim Kardashian
3.  Who am i kidding if my name was Kim Kardashian I wouldn’t have to do a fundraiser.
So after my new learning experience, that’s what we’ll call this for now……I have a new idea on how I am going to spend my time this year that has nothing to do with the Epilog Laser for right now. 
Each month I will target one retailer to sell my cutting boards to.  And at the end of the month I will report on how it went.  Hopefully it went well and and we have a new prospect we are making boards for.  If not, I will move on to focus solely on the next prospect. 
I am going to do things I don’t like to do, like call and talk to the person on the phone.  If they ask me to stand on my head I just might.  I am very focused and driven to get more of our boards out in the stratosphere.  And with more business comes additional profits I could put towards an epilog laser!!!
So……January is going to be Crate & Barrel Month. 
get knocked down six times – get up seven
your custom cabinet girl

indiegogo campaign is live!!

Weber Company started our Indiegogo Campaign today!! We have exactly 30 days to raise $40,000.00 to purchase the Eplilog Fusion Laser Engraver. 
We need your help to make this happen.  We are asking for pledges but in return for each pledge depending on the amount you give, you will receive a cutting board engraved with your initals at a discounted price. 
You can check out our campaign here;

Being able to purchase this engraver will help us to be able to engrave our boards with initials, quotes, pictures, and so much more. 
Our video that we made for the laser engraver is at this link;
I will keep you all updated on the progress of this campaign……
your custom cabinet girl

Epilog laser engraver you need to be mine!!!!

It seems that the door opened for us to build these wonderful cutting boards and wine bottle boxes and utensil totes for “West Elm!”   The wonderful sales rep for the Epilog laser engraver we are trying to purchase allowed me to come to his office in San Jose and make the engraving samples for West Elm.  I was more excited about being able to “dress up” and wear office clothes from the usual “shop clothes” I have been sporting.
These are a couple of photos of the laser at work……..
I am still trying to get the funding for the “Epilog” laser engraver that I need for these projects but I am still in the process.  I really need prayer for God’s Will in this!  I really think He will provide and I am certainly taking a leap of faith on my part, and I can feel my heart beating quickly right now just writing about it. 

I was debating on whether or not to write about how I really feel this week…………… or to write about how I really really feel this week.  I am discouraged yet trying to overcome the obstacles that are in my way.  I have come to the realization that I need to pray a lot more,  and i have really realized the Grace from Jesus is so much more than I could ever imagine or dream of and I need it desperately every minute of every day.  I need more prayer for what lies ahead. 

Mr. Know-it-All or as I sometimes call him Mr. Negative thinks i need to prepare for the “no” answer!  Ha!! I laugh in the face of the “no” answer, don’t tell me I can’t do it because i will try to prove you wrong. 
Although, if it is God’s will that my answer is “no” who am I to question that.  But if His answer is yes…………….a girl can dream, wish, hope, and keep praying……….
your custom cabinet girl