the chew

Well I am up to more shenanigans, and this time might have worked……..
Strategically, I have been trying to find professionals that I can connect with on LinkedIn that I might be able to do work for or with.  I found a really good one just before New Years! 
This wonderful person, has a very important role at “the chew” on ABC and I thought I would ask if she wanted to connect…………and she did!!  And then I was bold enough to ask a favor, (and I say Bold because this is Bold to me),  to ask if I could give her some cutting boards for the cohosts to try out.  She answered my email! Yes she did people!  She answered it and her answer was, “yes, please send me your boards and the cohosts will have access to them and be able to try them out and possibly…….maybe possibly, they could use them on the show!
I thought I would make up 4 boards special for the show and then engrave them with “the chew” logo and hopefully they will be used and noticed.  Here I am with them……….
And here they are on the table……
I am so thankful for the opportunity for the cohosts to
use our boards and see how they like them, also, they might want to talk to me about my shenanigans that I pull on a regular basis………hint hint……
your custom cabinet girl

its been a long month

So its been a long month and it seems like its taken longer than a month to complete but we got the 400 cutting boards done and ready to ship!!
Long days, weekends, little children helping out, and a lot of time sanding we got it done with a group effort. 
I am tired.
So this was the beginning, gluing…….well sort of…….you have to cut all the little pieces to glue first but I didn’t get to photograph that part.  I am working here you know!!
Melissa then planed all the 250 planks…… ask where i was??? Well I was taking the picture and watching……no i was actually staining and finishing a job we had due that week so thanks to Melissa she got it done!!
Then we had to take all the planks and sand the rest of the glue off and here is Jakob taking the boards from the other side of the sander while I was feeding it on the other side.  This was a few days and I remember it was the week of 110 degrees.  I will take that weather back when i need to loose 10 lbs in about two days time…….
We cut out the hearts on the band saw……
This is me having to use my glasses to see cutting the hearts out……
Nathan handing me each heart to sand the edges on the belt sander……. all 80 of them……..
Finish sanding all 400 cutting boards……..
Oil and label………
and finally……….
Boxes on Pallets ready to be wrapped……..
and this my friends is the end of the story….well until next time……..
If you ask, I will tell you “no I am not ready to make the next batch of chef boards.” Also which I need to be starting on right now……  
My proposition for the day……..Does anyone want to help out and receive cutting boards for life????

your custom cabinet girl

update on Homegoods…….

I started writing this post and I was going to label it “D-Day this Friday” because as of Friday the first stats on the sales of our cutting boards should be coming in from HomeGoods.  Then I checked my email and I got an update from the buyer!!!  Early!!  The sales on our boards are going very well and they want more!!!! I cannot be more excited and thankful!
Just so you and i are on the same page, these are the boards we shipped out to the HomeGoods stores,
the french bread board,
the circle or round shaped board,
the square shaped board,
and of course the heart shaped board……
 What have I been learning for the last 7 years, to give God all my faith and trust in everything.  So I give God the reigns, then I take it back, then I give it back, then I take it back again, and give it back……exhausting right?  And then I question what His will is………all the while he is preparing certain things to fall into place in His Story that I cannot see and all I have to do is Trust.  I am going to be a learner for LIFE in this area.  
Thought you might like to see “Little Clone Mr. Know-it-All” working in the shop yesterday with my dad.  He is so cute.
 your custom cabinet girl