try and try again………

So today I am trying again.  I have been working with “someone” (her name is Jean and she is wonderful), for the last 5 years trying to get my products on to QVC yet to no avail. We have tried a lot of different avenues but the main problem is QVC says cutting boards don’t sell well on TV.  Don’t they know I want to be the first one to “Sell Out” of cutting boards on TV!!
I am trying again.  I am sending these all the way to Pennsylvania and see if its a no or a “GO”!  
What do you think?
Would you buy a set of heart shaped wooden coasters and a heart shaped cutting board set? 
If you will, please call your nearest QVC representative and tell them.  Here is their 800 number if you are so inclined.

Should I ask Mr. Know-it-All to call them too?
I hope you would! 
I hate to get my hopes up only to be taken down but I cannot help it.  The bane of my existence is optimism!
your custom cabinet girl

i’m just guessing……

 What is this you ask? 
Firstly, all I know is God brings me just the jobs I need, when I need them.  And all the while he brings along some really cool projects for some cool people. 
I was contacted by a company that makes metal boxes for the government.  They offer a metal box wrapped or displayed in wood. 

Obviously its wood so that’s where I come in…..

The company, Vector Technologies found me on the internet and asked if we could do such a thing…… and of course I said, “yes I can!” 
The plans for these boxes were very complex with measurements to less than a 32nd.  Which is insane, but I knew my dad could build it.

And best of all these boxes are for top secret “secret” meetings!  Meaning, when people have a top secret meeting they need to put their cell phones in that metal box and shut the lid.  The cell phones are not detectable in the metal boxes.  I have no idea what is in the technology because that’s not the wood part, but some type of white noise ensues in the box and tadahh no one can tap in on any conversations, special meetings, nothing. 

So this got me thinking.  Who would have such a meeting that works for the government and has to put their phone in a box because they’re talking about top secret “secret” stuff? 
I am just guessing but it could be the President of the United States!! The President People!

My new friend at Vector Technologies doesn’t even know who this box is for because the person is so high up.  So…….who do you think its for?

your custom cabinet girl (future secret box builder for the stars 🙂

Pietros of Lodi

We were so glad to be able to build and finish this cabinet for the front of the beautiful Pietros Italian restaurant in Lodi, California. 
There was a lot of time into building this one and finishing it as well.  You can see that the square inserts on the outside were made for granite pieces cut especially for them.  And all of the open cubbies were tough to stain and spray laquer on because of the close quarters.  My dad makes it easy for me and leaves the back off the cabinet so I can finish it from both sides. Then I can finish the back side by itself and we can put it on afterwards.  Every time he builds a cabinet he thinks about how he can make it easy for me to be able to finish.  What a nice dad!  I had fun doing this job.  I am also going to have fun going out to dinner at Pietros and looking at it too!
your custom cabinet girl