it takes me too long to figure stuff out

March is almost over and today the 28th i finally figured out how to get information to Bed Bath & Beyond.  It was BEYOND me on how to do it for 3 weeks now. 
I went on their website and found a “contact us” form filled it out and “wallah” three days later i received a blanket email to “MAIL” (yes you read that right), “MAIL” your information to their corporate office or……go to a vendor portal on their website and find information there.  Well that’s where i got stuck because its full of all kinds of information that i don’t need yet, like how to ship your products, and their vendor compliance manuals, blah, blah, blah…..
So… only took three weeks but i was able to go back to that vendor site today and find a form to fill out and email a submission. 
Its only been 5 hours since i sent the email with this beautiful picture to go with it……
Why haven’t they called yet?
This is one of our more popular side grain boards which is why i sent it to Bed Bath & Beyond.  And the cantaloupe looks good, makes me want cantaloupe now. 
Back to the story, so after all this month building chef boards, finishing kitchen cabinets, doing paperwork (that doesn’t help anyone but the accountant), i learned something very important.
It takes me too long to figure stuff out.
the end.
your custom cabinet girl

february is a short month

Did i mention that February is a short month?  If not i just realized that its over and that we are on the 5th day of March today.  As my favorite Grandpa would say, “Holy Crap!”  I was supposed to persue, bother, antaganize, yet another vendor last month, “Bed Bath & Beyond” and well, obviously that didn’t happen. Mr. Know-it-All calls me a pest by doing this one vendor a month thing, so with that in mind, I am going to try them again this month.  This time i will actually call or something. 
In other news, i am learning how to drive the forklift……….
Thats BIG news because its a stick (and i have never driven a stick before), and its got forks on it to lift stuff (which i have never done that before either). 
And then…….monday comes along and
I had an accident where wood kicked back, hit my wrist and then my face giving me a cut on my lip which doesn’t look good and makes me feel very vain.  I keep thinking when someone is talking to me that i should just say i got in a fight or something. 
My dad keeps saying, “its not a glamorous job working in the shop” and i keep thinking, “i never thought it was…………
but i do love the smell of fresh new sawdust and the baby soft sanded cutting board. 
Life is never boring…….
your custom cabinet girl