results for the Martha Stewart American Made Contest

So the Martha Stewart American Made Contest is almost over, (the finalists were chosen per category), and I learned a few things.
1. you need to be good at bothering people you know every day to vote for you 6 times a day
2. you need to know a LOT of people, ok, ok, a million people 🙂
3. I can’t believe i am going to admit this but…………..Mr. Know-it-All was right, its a popularity contest
4. And guess what???? i am NOT popular…….
5. and i am ok with not being popular……sometimes……
6. i am NOT ok with admitting that Mr. Know-it-All was right…..because he will just remind me about it over and over again…..
7. This was a learning experience, learning that Martha doesn’t really care about your product just that you can get A LOT of people to VOTE for it.

And with that i want to thank each one of you for voting for me, every day, 6 times a day, even more if you used more than one email…………

Thank you so much for your support. 

On to bigger things…… will be surprised!!

your custom cabinet girl

i need 3000 votes to blow this thing out of the water!!!

We need to blow this Martha Stewart contest up!!!!  The exposure for the sales of our cutting boards would be so spectacular even if we just made a finalist in this competetion.
Mr. Know-it-All says because its all about votes that its a popularity contest.  Well if it is then I WANT TO BE POPULAR!!!!
Tell your friends, family, coworkers, children, anyone with an email address to please vote for WEBER COMPANY. 
Go to this link below and VOTE!!!!
Lets show Martha the great American Made cutting boards we make right here in Lodi, California. 
your custom cabinet girl