Official American Made Nominee

Its Official!! We are Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I saw that Martha Stewart has this great opportunity for handmade and made in America companies. Last year was the first American Made contest for handcrafters that are innovative and excellent in their field. I am so excited to be a part of this and would love to be able to get our products recognized as highly regarded in the field of custom cutting boards!!!

Check out our profile at the link above!! And remember to vote for Weber Company starting on August 26th! We get the chance to win $10,000.00 for the company and a trip to the awards ceremony in New York City!!
Will you vote for us?
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its been a long month

So its been a long month and it seems like its taken longer than a month to complete but we got the 400 cutting boards done and ready to ship!!
Long days, weekends, little children helping out, and a lot of time sanding we got it done with a group effort. 
I am tired.
So this was the beginning, gluing…….well sort of…….you have to cut all the little pieces to glue first but I didn’t get to photograph that part.  I am working here you know!!
Melissa then planed all the 250 planks…… ask where i was??? Well I was taking the picture and watching……no i was actually staining and finishing a job we had due that week so thanks to Melissa she got it done!!
Then we had to take all the planks and sand the rest of the glue off and here is Jakob taking the boards from the other side of the sander while I was feeding it on the other side.  This was a few days and I remember it was the week of 110 degrees.  I will take that weather back when i need to loose 10 lbs in about two days time…….
We cut out the hearts on the band saw……
This is me having to use my glasses to see cutting the hearts out……
Nathan handing me each heart to sand the edges on the belt sander……. all 80 of them……..
Finish sanding all 400 cutting boards……..
Oil and label………
and finally……….
Boxes on Pallets ready to be wrapped……..
and this my friends is the end of the story….well until next time……..
If you ask, I will tell you “no I am not ready to make the next batch of chef boards.” Also which I need to be starting on right now……  
My proposition for the day……..Does anyone want to help out and receive cutting boards for life????

your custom cabinet girl