just waiting…….

Sometimes I think waiting really stinks, but since its been since the 15th, (I know I didn’t write waiting until the 21st on my calendar below, but it actually started the 15th), now I am starting to think Jesus wants me to learn some patience.  I am so excited that I met a TJX buyer from the New York Show and she has been talking to me about my boards.  She “loves” our cutting boards and said they will be ordering for “Home Goods”, “TJ Maxx”, “Marshalls”, and “Homesence”.  Last week I learned that the starting order was going to be 1100 boards!! 
But then came the waiting, because of the price point……Oh the fun….I’m living the dream.
Life is a lot about negotiation.  You plead your case to the boss who is considering hiring you, you ask your friend if you can borrow their truck, you beg your friend to take your children for just an hour so you don’t lose it completely!! Did I write that out loud?  
I just keep praying that Jesus’ will in my life is what I am doing every day.  I know every day I mess up and I am so thankful for His forgiveness.  I am so thankful for His Grace on my life and the lives of my family.  We are so blessed in so many ways going through the struggles of turning this business around and making it into something bigger than I ever imagined it could be.  I believe in my heart that this is what Jesus wants me to do. 
  What is God’s Will for you?  I promise if you follow Jesus and ask Him for guidance He will answer.  And my most favorite is when I am so scared I ask for His Peace and He Always Provides………..Always
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first event with "One Kings Lane"

My dad was talking to me in the office and pointing at the flags we have in the world map saying, “we need more flags on here April, we are limited to only the US and Canada and we need to sell more cutting boards! Lets get more flags on this map!”  So I made him stop and pose for a picture where he looks really mean and authoritative. And I knew I was going to blog about what he said……
So,one of the companies we hooked up with from the New York Show was “One Kings Lane.” I was privileged to meet a couple of their buyers and they came by my booth to talk to me about what we could sell on their website. They have specific sales with different themes. Starting Tuesday March 5th they are having their Kitchen Essentials Event in which our circle, square, and french bread board will be featured. 
Go to their site to buy exclusive items for exclusive timing and deals here: www.onekingslane.com
I was told about this “Kitchen Essentials” event almost two weeks ago and I say less than two weeks because this is what I and my new helper Melissa have been doing…..

We could barely push the cart because it weighed 125lbs worth of cutting boards we were sanding.  My dad was laughing so hard at us he had to take a picture…
Starting tomorrow at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern our boards will be for sale for 58 hours here; www.onekingslane.com
I AM PLANNING ON PUTTING A FLAG ON EVERY CITY I DELIVER A BOARD TO ON THE MAP and I am hoping we get orders in several countries.  That map is going to be filled with flags when I am done with it!
I am hoping to sell out their expectations!!! And I will let you know the results, possibly the mayhem that is to come this week with filling orders and shipping.
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