am i ready to play with the big boys?

I have been preparing to go to a gift show in New York since October called the “New York International Gift Fair.”  I have been really laid back putting together what I will be taking, and about how I feel about it, until about 4 hours ago when the nerves and realization hit me like a slap in the face!!  I feel like a freight train is coming towards me and I cannot step aside.  I have exactly 26 days till I leave and I still have questions, concerns, a press kit to write, and two boys to worry about when I am gone.  Actually what am I thinking, 3 boys to worry about when I am gone. 
This is the Javits Center where our booth will be located.  There are only buyers from retail stores that are allowed to go to this show. I am getting ready to play with the big boys and I want to be ready to play. I am so scared……
There is a 36 page manual that mainly consists of 30 pages of getting your crap to the show and how you should ship it.  I am afraid I will forget something.  I have only been to New York once and you know why (a.k.a. The Nate Berkus Show), and it seems it is hard to get from one point to another in New York City quickly. 
That is why I planned to be staying at the New Yorker Hotel, which is supposed to be 3 blocks from the Javits Center.  I am hoping it is a walkable walk. Ha… Ha… walkable walk, where I don’t have to worry about taking a cab.  I just want Dean & Deluca, Macys, and all the other stores to love my cutting boards and put them in their stores. 
Now that I have started to talk more about it I am feeling more relaxed.  I just need Mr. Know-it-All to tell me it will all be fine, that I don’t forget anything, and that I sell a bunch of cutting boards. 
your custom cabinet girl 


My dear talented friend Shannon has started this wonderful journey of creativity and and makes beautiful handmade cuffs.  I just wanted to be able to share these with you because they are each made with love.  I really want this one and its based on the verse from Jeremiah 29:11. 
Personally, I own the “Courage” cuff because I need to be reminded to have courage daily.  These cuffs are a great reminder and are beautiful on as well. 
Please take a look at her beautiful website for encouragement and find yourself lovely cuffs to purchase as well. Just click HERE! 
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our new "salvaged" circle cutting board

So I have been looking for a way to make a cutting board with the same high quality, less labor intensity, aka lower price point.  This has been hard because I will not compromise on quality.  And with that, I give you this…..
I call it salvaged because we “saved” the maple and cherry from the scrap bin, glued it together, sanded it, then hit it with a chain!  Yes you read that right I hit it with a chain and it felt GREAT!Your very own 17″ diameter round 3/4″ thick maple and cherry lumber cutting board.  And its only $49.00!
I hope you like it!  Let me know what you think!
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what i am thankful for

Since this week is Thanksgiving I want to list out what I am thankful for;
1.  My two healthy boys
2.  Mr. Know-it-All
3.  Mom & Dad
5.  Jesus who died for ALL OF US, to SAVE US
6.  Music
7.  The Bible
8.  My father in law who says; “if you don’t like April, then you are the one with the problem.”  (Such a sweet man).
9. My mother-in-law who makes stuff for me 🙂
10. And last but not least; drum roll please………
I can’t get enough of licorice.  If the redvines company goes out of business like Hostess did last week I am truly in BIG TROUBLE!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you can think of the things you are truly thankful for.
your custom cabinet girl

the little trip that was not to be……

I am so excited for all the support and love I have received about my little trip that was not to be. 

Saturday morning I worked at the shop and was cleaning the office getting my stuff together to go to see Nate Berkus at his book signing. I even grabbed a couple of cutting boards to possibly bring as well. I had the picture of him and me I took out of the frame I had it in for him to sign.  I went home to get cleaned up to drive to Piedmont and spent waaay to much time on my hair.  Ha ha….

But it was not to be.  We left early so we could take the boys to the pumpkin patch on a stop on our way to Piedmont.  Mr. Know-it-All and my dad suggested I call the book store to find out what the plans were for the signing.  So I called and find out that the information I received earlier about the book signing was “slightly” incorrect.  The signing was actually not at the book store that was advertised but at a satellite store and you needed to purchase tickets in advance, and by the way they were SOLD OUT!!!!!!  I was so sad, disappointed, bummed, angry, grumpy, somewhat relieved from being anxious, and out right MAD AT MYSELF!!!!  How could I have not known that I needed a ticket???  There was nothing on the Nate Berkus website that explained that at all.  I am just so disappointed in myself for not knowing and not being able to go. 

On the bright side, my hair looked good for the pumpkin patch!  Picking pumpkins was never so glamorous!  On the sad side, I didn’t see Nate and his next book signing is only a plane ticket away in Miami Florida on November 17th.   

I will end this post by thanking all my wonderful friends who Always encourage me and are so genuinely excited for me!  I am sorry I don’t have a picture or a story.  But don’t you worry I will, I will…….
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Who’s coming with me to see NATE BERKUS????

I am going to see Nate and I am so excited!  He changed up his website Nate Berkus and posted the new changes on facebook so of course I went to look.  And guess what?  Never mind I am too excited I will just tell you now!  Nate is going to be in Piedmont, California on October 27th at the “Great Good Place for Books” for his new book signing and I am going to be there.  Yes I am! I am so excited to see him again.  Who wants to join me? You all know Mr. Know-it-All is going to go and so will my little mr. know-it-all replicas. 

I have a list for what I am going to do;

First:  Bring my picture of him and me and ask him to sign it.  Is that OK? Its just for me because I love him so much!

Second:  Buy his new book and have him sign that too!

Third:  Tell him how when I first saw him walk out onto the stage before the show started I was speechless.  I was so starstruck and nervous and all I could say was “hi”,  original huh? And THAT”S IT! ALL I SAID WAS HI!   I just want to apologize if I seemed a little weird or unfriendly because I was so nervous.  I never got to tell him that because we were zoomed out of the studio so quickly afterward.

Fourth:  That I love his work and if he ever needs a cabinet maker………………

I think the fourth one is really pushing it, but maybe he will remember me?? We’ll see……Stay Tuned.
your custom cabinet girl

weeks progress

I went into work on Thursday knowing I had to finish up the custom entertainment center that was due on Friday and also pack up and ship the 6 chef boards due for Williams-Sonoma as well. 
I thought I would start in the wood shop and pack up the chef boards first, of course!

Well, I could have guessed that my dad would walk by and say; “I am not trying to schedule your day for you, but you should start in the finish shop first.”   I knew I should have probably started in the finish shop first, but you and I both know I have a love/hate relationship with the finish shop.   So of course I picked going into the wood shop first,  it just smells better in there………

This week was a challenge to finish out getting back on track to all the jobs we needed to complete.  I had to stain and finish a custom entertainment center my dad built  last week and I had to match to the existing oak color.The door on the very bottom is the original door and the doors on the table are the new ones I matched.  The color came out pretty close to the original. 
You really have to look at all the variations in the wood and the grain and there are so many colors in different spots.  Matching an aged stain on oak is a little tricky because it didn’t start in the color it is now.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is oak always yellows in color over the years but the darker the stain it started with the least yellow it will get. So I might find the right stain but I have to add to it by spraying on pigments with brown and yellow to get the NEW color to match the Old color.  Ok, I am so bored now and you probably are too.  Onto the results….
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