its nice to get snail mail when its not a bill…….

It is so nice to get snail mail when its not a bill and especially when its a thank you note.  I received a wonderful thank you note from a mom of one of the girls I taught this summer in our woodworking classes.  This is her note;

Claire & Helen arriving at our Woodworking Class.

Woodworking Class that week.

I am so thankful for all the kids that decided to join me for the woodworking classes this summer.  If your child is interested in taking a class during the break, please give me a call at 209.368.0703.  We have openings for classes October 3-7, 2011 (1pm-3pm) or October 10-14, 2011 (1pm-3pm). 
Thank you to Patti, Helen’s mom who made my day!!
your custom cabinet girl

distressed vanity do-over

Here are the final pictures of the vanity I finished distressed.  My dad had to cut down the cabinet by length in order to fit it into a 1 3/4″ inset in the wall on both sides.  This is where I screwed up totally missing that measurement when I first went out.  I still cringe when i think about it.
You can see the left side of the cabinet tucks right into the wall
inset.  YES! My dad is my HERO on this job he saved my booty on this one! 
Below is the final product installed.  I was asked to add green to the finish color making the cabinet look like it came right out of the garden with moss on it.  It’s hard to tell from the picture because the green was very subtle.  I really, really enjoyed finishing this cabinet!  It turned out very unique. 
until my next mistake,
your custom cabinet girl

Who do you think does Weber’s Cabinets packaging?

Its funny when you do work for a huge company and they have all the resources in the world and your resource is yourself, your dad, and Mr. Know-it-All who calls himself your resource.  I tried to do an informational video today about how we package our chef boards but it just ended up being long winded with me out of breath at the end from being out of shape I guess?    Who knows anything is possible at this point…..
your custom cabinet girl 

love, love, love….. distressed finishings!

I get so excited when I get to finish something and make it look like I beat it up!  Don’t ask me why but it just makes it so much fun when different pieces of the cabinet get to look different. The whole piece is all the same colors but you get to choose what parts look different and NOTHING looks alike. 

I just love it!  I made a sample for this client based on the tile flooring she is putting in her bathroom.  My dad made this awesome vanity which you can see below.  The door style looks like an actual shutter which is what the client was looking for in order to create a bathroom that makes you feel like you are in a garden. 

 My dad and I brought the cabinet to the house to install it and I was ready to congratulate myself on the great work I did measuring for the cabinet……well in April world what do you think happened?

We get into the bathroom and I see an indentation in the wall where the old cabinet was originally when I measured.
I did not see that indentation in the wall and I just wanted to shoot myself for the mistake.

Long story short, we brought the vanity back to the shop my dad cut it down and fixed it, and I refinished it this weekend. But I was asked to add a touch of green to the finish color which made it very interesting and unique.  Now the cabinet really feels like it came out of a garden and got a little moss on it!   So cool.

Here are the feet I redid adding the green.  I will post pictures of the final install when its done.

Wish me luck cause tomorrow its going in!  And I want it to be spectacular!

your custom cabinet girl

some reject me and some accept me……….

I am so thrilled that I finally got a hold of a buyer at “Crate & Barrel” and that they took the time to reject me.  As my good friend Bob says, at least they took the “TIME” to look at your product and then reject it.”  I never thought of it that way.  I am going to have to be the pest that I always am and keep contacting them until the end of time, or hopefully they take a chance on one of my products.  Who knows? 

But then an awesome email came to me this morning from Tayrn Scher who I sent a heart shaped cutting board to a couple of months ago.  She was going to use it in her segment for TV and did!  It was such a nice segment and you can see it here;

Couture Kitchens: Taryn Scher on YourCarolina

There are acceptions and rejecttions in life, and I really do like the acceptions.  Doesn’t everyone? 
your custom cabinet girl