does the squeaky wheel always get the grease?

So I’ve been working on getting our cutting boards into the Williams-Sonoma catalog.  For about 8 months now I have been a real pest and the answer is still no, but that’s ok.  My dad keeps saying to “be a pest” and Mr. Know-it-All keeps saying “are you sure you’re not bothering them?”  Two completly different opinions one is from an enterprenuer and the other from a UPS driver.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and being “absent” from the catalog makes me more “fond” of being in it! 
I just hate, hate, hate to be one of those pests that keep asking and being told no while the person who is telling you no is really thinking “its never going to happen” and I really don’t want to be “that girl.”  You know “that girl” that thinks her product is the BEST EVER, and keeps asking and asking to have it put in the store or what-ever.  But the board is already in the STORE, and ONLINE, it just needs to be in the CATALOG TOO!!!! Oh please please, with a cherry on top! 
So I have been asking this same buyer for the chance to put our product in the catalog until she got promoted recently.  So now I have a new person to be a pest to.  Lucky for her, she already told me she KNOWS about my requests to be in the catalog and she will keep me in mind for the future.  Promising?  Or, “Oh crap the pest is bothering me?”
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why is espn and sports so fascinating?

So……today is Mr. Know-it-All’s birthday and he is doing the one thing he really wants to do (according to him), and that is (drum roll please), watching ESPN.  While I am at work teaching 11 kids in the woodworking class and  daydreaming about the wonderful hair appointment I am going to have tonight, he is watching ESPN. I cannot imagine how sports can be so invigorating and exciting but it is for about 85% of the population.  I have pondered this question for over 10 years while I sit on the couch and try to watch grown men throw themselves at each other and then try to catch a ball that I can never find.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  Or should it?  I must be missing something but I don’t know what it is.  I think Mr. Know-it-All is missing out on great opportunities to curl up on the sofa with a good book and some red licorice. 
Well, where is that other 15%? Including me, am I missing out on something?  I think they are reading blogs about woodworking, and chasing their kids around trying to get them to clean their rooms.  Ok that’s just me.
Any way I want to wish Mr. Know-it-All a Happy Birthday, you’re getting older!!!!
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moms in business unite

I am so excited to announce that I will be at the “Moms in Business Unite” conference on August 3rd in San Diego!  I applied over two months ago to see if I could bring one of my cutting boards to present to Wendy Robbins and last Thursday I got an email that said “YES.”  I am so thrilled to be one of 9 moms that get to bring their products and get a booth at the event to show my cutting boards to all the moms and Wendy for their input.  I am asking to be one of those that get to pitch my product to her for possible submission to HSN. 

Wendy Robbins is currently one of the coaches for the show ““Homemade Millionare” with Kelly Ripa as the host.  On each show three inventor women get to pitch their product to HSN and then HSN picks one out of the three products that they want to start selling.  What an opportunity! 

I am just so blessed to have Jesus by my side every step of the way and I just want Him to use me as a vessel for his plan.  My hardships lately have shown me that I should always Praise Him even in the storms of life.  Storms that can even last for years are a blessing and I can only say that now, as I have gotten this far with Jesus by my side.  I know a lot of people are hurting out there right now financially and physically, but all I can say is to ask Jesus for peace from His Holy Spirit and He will give it to you every time you ask.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey I will forever be grateful.

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