i hate maple toffee

Now maple is one of my most favorite woods to use in cabinetry but it is definitely not my favorite to finish.  Maple is a very hard wood so hard in fact that it is not easily penetrated by stain.  It doesn’t have porous capabilities compared to cherry wood which soaks in stain. 

My little Jakob, aka “little mini Mr. Know-it-All took pictures of me in the finish shop while I was working on some wood tops. I had no idea he was taking pictures but its funny because it reminds me of how I was feeling that day, simply irritated. Here I am taking a sample over to the table to make sure it matches with the wood tops.

And of course, it does not.  I spent all day working on those wood tops.  First try I messed up the color had to strip and refinish all three wood tops.  And thinking like a business owner I am thinking it should NOT take this long to finish these wood tops and taking this much time is not making any money. Oh the joys of runnning a business……
your custom cabinet girl

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