reinventing ourselves again……..

I cannot get any credit for any ideas whatsoever I am just the vessel of God’s perfect plan.  And He is in control.  I am just grateful for the ideas that Jesus brings to me at the most unlikely of times.   Like when I am asking for an answer to a prayer for something else completely.  Last Thursday I asked Jesus to please “let the phone ring off the hook with new jobs, please!”  The next day came and the answer was “no.” But that is OK, because as I was cleaning out the cabinets in the office I came across an article about a guy who volunteered his time to teach kids woodworking skills.  Now first I wish I could volunteer my time, but for now I need to help feed my family.  So with a great idea from a special friend and coworker and a little article I came across I thought why can’t we use this space of ours for woodworking classes for kids?  And when I looked up the concept there are fabulous companies out there to model from. 

This new venture for teaching woodworking is really a full circle for me.  When I first started doing all the books for the shop I will never forget my payroll accountant asking me if I took “accounting” classes in college.  Nope, I took a little math course called; “how to teach elementary students Math 1A and 1B.”  I guess I didn’t get my degree for nothing! 
Here is the plan for what is coming up so far;
Weber’s Cabinets Introduces Woodworking Classes

For Kids Grades K-6
6 Week Class or Summer Camp Only 98.00
Call to Reserve your child’s spot *209-368-0703*

  6 Week Saturday Program

      June 4-July 9, 2011
4 Class Times to Choose From;

 Summer Camp Program #1

       June 13-17, 2011
2 Class Times to Choose From;

Summer Camp Program #2

      June 20-24, 2011
2 Class Times to Choose From:

Our woodworking classes will teach the safe use of hand tools and basic woodworking skills. With a series of projects the young wood workers will gain knowledge in measuring, fractions, design, craftsmanship, and much more!
Now lets book out the classes people! 
your custom cabinet girl

30 days of waiting…….

Submitted my cutting board to HSN.  Yes I did and its been 30 days since, and I am hoping to hear good news!  I would love to be a vendor for them.  I am really excited to find out what my email will say, it just needs to NOT have the word “unfortunately” in it.  I don’t like that word very much lately, its a nice way to say “sorry about your bad luck” as my dad always says.

This week is going to be so exciting I just know it!  I am going to try and talk to a producer tomorrow about my show idea.  I am then going to help finish ironing edge tape on the maple melamine pieces for drawer boxes we need to put together for an island cabinet.  What a time consumer that is (ironing on edgetape is unfortunate), sorry dad.  I will just have to suck it up.  Next I am going to try and get a groupon set up for people to buy our beautiful cutting boards, and I want to feature one in particular.  I will have a poll set up for voting.  And then I need to get some quiet time and finish the paperwork I need to get done as well as the financial crap I have to do.  Did I say crap? So sorry.

I am going to try some new selling points, and thank you so much Jocelyn for the information!  I really appreciate all of the comments I get on the blog its encouraging and helpful.

your custom cabinet girl

can i sell one cutting board a day?

Population of the world; 6,775,235,741
That is almost 7 BILLION PEOPLE!
Can I sell one cutting board a day from my website?  I have looked at SEO, adwords programs, adsense programs, blogging alliances, conversion analyasis, and every other thing you can think of to get my website out there, and I am stuck.  I have no idea how to do it.  And it takes a lot of time to go over all this stuff, its a full time job!  Any suggestions?

I got some fresh ideas about how to market my cutting boards and I took some new pictures of our chef  board on my counter top.  I bought some great homemade bread (not made by me, which makes it even better), cheese and tomatos to cut up and I really like this board a lot.  I don’t think I will be bringing it back to the shop.  I shipped out 90 of them to Williams-Sonoma stores last month so lets hope they sell out!

I want to list this board on our website to sell at Weber’s Cabinets, Inc. along with a few others we have made recently.  I need to get some better pictures though, which I will soon.  I also need to figure out how to get one person in the WHOLE WORLD to purchase a cutting board a day.  Can I do it?
This will be my challenge.

your custom cabinet girl

P.S. Thanks for all of you who voted for me instead of Mr. Know-it-All the TiVo control freak!

i need your votes………….

So we have Direct TV and we record our shows on TiVo.  And in the normal world you would decide what shows you want to watch and then set them up to record.  But, Oh….NOOOO…….not in my house, not on my TiVo.  Mr. Know-it-All has to monitor you and make sure that you are actually watching the shows you set up to record.  And if you are not watching your shows in a timely manner, he has a conversation or should I say “lecture” with you about using up too much of the TiVo “memory.”  Did I say; Freak!!!
Now he opens up the list of recorded shows and goes over each one and asking; “are you going to watch _______? You are taking up all the memory in the TiVo and you aren’t watching the shows you recorded.”  Now I feel guilty if I ask to record a new show. 

So here’s the deal, its between me and Mr. Know-it-All.  Who is right?  Does he need to be so possessive over the memory in the TiVo?  Does he need to make everyone else in the house feel guilty about wanting to record a new show?  Do I have to live this way?  Help me out people, he needs to be put in his place.  Check out the survey question to the left and VOTE!

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i want to be on Oprah so bad…………….

So I took all the courage I had in my body, took a deep breath and said to myself; “why would Oprah want me on her show?” And then I called the number………  I called Harpo studios and said; “Can I ask a question? Are you taking ideas for a show?”  The girl on the other end of the line was in Chicago but she could have very well been right next to me and stabbed me in the heart because she said; “we are NOT taking submissions for show ideas and NEVER call again.”  I felt like a little girl again when I thought I was about to get in trouble, and I HATE that feeling.  Don’t you?  Its never good to feel like that.  I was redirected to some recording that said I needed to go online and send an email through the Oprah website.  I HAVE DONE THAT ALREADY, MANY TIMES, UGHHH. 
Today at lunch my dad says, “didn’t you tell them who you are?”  As in, “I am April I was on the Nate Berkus Show.”  My dad is so funny cause I really don’t think they care and really they would say something like, “April who?”  Because really who am I?  My intention was to ask if my story could offer hope to others in the same boat as myself struggling in this economy.  I am in “Ground Zero” of the recession according to a Newsweek cover story from 2008 and I am still here!  I don’t know why I want to be on Oprah so bad, but I want to be on Oprah so bad!  I need to reinvestigate my priorities….
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