dinner is not my favorite time of day

I know most mom’s out there LOVE to cook, well I DO NOT!” I actually HATE IT!  I would rather do laundry the old fashion way with a little bucket and a scrubby tray thing, than make dinner.  If any of you reading want to take me up on it, I will gladly trade you laundry duty for some cassaroles. 

It takes imagination, creativity, and someone with time management skills.  I can’t ever come up with what food items go together more or less a meal I created on my own.  Everything I make was either invented by my mom when I was little, or I saw it on TV.  I am what you call a copycat dinner maker.  And nothing I make is really creative besides the fact that I live with three of the most picky eaters on the planet.  So if you are wondering what a picky eater looks like, here it is……..

Are any of you familar with this look?  Probably not, because I know no one else can cook as bad as me.  I made steak this night and Nathan has the smallest piece on his plate along with 2 little green beans and some white rice.  You might notice the half eaten watermelon which is the only thing he actually ate that night.  So sad, I was NEVER EVER allowed to not eat my vegtables or allowed to even “think” that I could not eat my vegatables.  I don’t know how you force someone to eat something, I certainly am very weak at this type of dicipline and I know I have two boys just laughing at me while they sit back and not eat what I gave them for dinner.  Did I say I hate dinner? 
Now I am going to go and paint something out in the finish shop, at least the cabinets can’t say no to me and I don’t have to fix them dinner!
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i love sarcasm and Heather Armstrong is my new inspiration

I received an email on Friday about a blogger named Heather B. Armstrong who was featured in the New York Times for her being “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers.”  I cannot express or tell you enough how easy it is to read her blog posts and how funny she really is!  That is why she is the “Queen.”  I have been looking at her blog now for over two hours reading all about her and then some. 
I saw that she has a “style of the day” section so I figured I might tell her my story and see if she would put my cutting board on there, what the heck right?  I have felt dissappointment before, I can feel it again, or maybe not?  Please Heather read my Email!
Go read the article about Heather Armstong from last month here; @ NY Times
And then go to her blog and read it here; http://www.dooce.com/ 

I dare you to try not and spend 2 hours there at a time if you haven’t read it before.

your custom cabinet girl

my little free labor boy is now getting paid……

So Jakob is on Spring break from school and of course since we are shipping out our “over the counter boards” this week I need his help.  We have to protect each corner of the cutting boards with cardboard corners.  Each corner has to be assembled and my smart little tyke figured out how to do it smoothly of course, after throwing a few across my office.  He is just like Mr. Know-it-All gets frustrated at inanimate objects when they don’t go together perfectly the first time.  Soooo….. much to teach Jakob. 
Well, he assembled all of the corner pieces as you can see behind him and I told him this morning I would pay him $2.  Jakob says, “no mom, $5. And I said, “no $2” and he says, “no $4.”  Of course I didn’t budge and he says, “$3” and I said, “SOLD, now go do your work.”  I told my dad what a little negotiator he was and Jakob says; “I learned it on Pawn Stars.”  I guess he has stuff to teach me.
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God Always Provides……..

I have been taking this “faith test” it seems every quarter for the last 4 years.  I don’t think I have passed it yet, hence the test keeps coming up.  I am not in control, God is and He always provides for all of my needs.  I keep giving him my needs and then taking them back.  All of us think we can do everything ourselves, on our own, but it is just not true.  I was thinking about all of this last weekend and how I could give my concerns and cares away, and not be so controlling.  I am a control freak and I will admit it.  Its not an admirable trait so why can’t I just give it up?  Why?  I hope sometime before I die (hopefully many years from now), I will have learned to give it all to God.  Until then I will keep taking the test over and over and over and over again. 
I was at the E-Women Network Fearless Female Event last night and it was so encouraging and uplifting to me.  I told my story to Sandra Yancey the founder of E-Women last night as I sat with her at dinner.  Surprising to me she asked if I would tell my story to the whole group.  And what did I do I started to cry because I was overwhelmed with the love and acceptance from all these women in the room.  I was overcome with gratitude for someone caring about me and my story and wanting me to share it with others.  And I was so thankful that I could thank God for always being in control and taking care of me.

 I have been a member now at E-Women for 2 years and I still come away from the events with fresh ideas and learn new things.  I didn’t know I needed a “mastermind” group but I do now and I will be getting one.  I also didn’t know about “corporate funding” which I will be looking into today.  So many things to do I had better get to work!

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new ideas are slow coming for me

So why are new ideas slow coming for me?  I know why because my little tiny brain thinks in this long narrow hallway of ideas and I don’t try any doorways.  Until last weekend, when I realized I should google “how to submit your product to QVC?”  And when I did I got a link on “how to submit my product to QVC.”  Voila! You would think I would have figured this out a LONG TIME AGO.  I am so amazed at how slow I am to figuring out things.  Like the time I took the drivers test and they asked me what a blind intersection was.  I said; “isn’t that for blind people?” 
Well I submitted our heart shaped board for a start and it just shows you how each company is run so differently by the way each accepts product submissions.  “QVC” will let me know if they are interested in my product or not within six weeks.  So I put on my calendar six weeks from now, to check in if I haven’t heard anything.  But with these ideas “slow coming” I actually grasped the whole world of selling online through TV and decided to submit my product to “HSN” too!  Let’s hope I have a response of, “We want as many hearts as you can make!”  Whoo hoo!  That would be so exciting……..and possibly exhausting, but that’s ok because I have child labor and husband labor all for free!  🙂
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