I was so excited to get an email from one of the producers at The Nate Berkus Show this morning.  She told me about a giveaway-a-day the show started yesterday.  Everyone can enter and try to win fabulous pieces featured on the show decorated by Nate Berkus. 

Win this authentic “Nate Show” door headboard.


Fans Have Chance to Win from February 21-March 5

NEW YORK, February 22, 2011 – The Nate Berkus Show, announces the launch of its first ever “Nate’s Giveaway-A-Day Sweepstakes,” giving fans a chance to win décor created on set by Nate Berkus and his design team. Every weekday from February 21st at 8am ET until March 5th at 8am ET, viewers can watch The Nate Berkus Show (nationally syndicated; check your local listings or visit http://www.TheNateShow.com/station-finder ) to see which item Nate is giving away that day, then visit http://www.TheNateShow.com/giveaway to enter for a chance to win an authentic piece of Nate Show décor that has been featured on the daily talk show.

Some of these one-of-kind items include a refinished map chest, a sisal rope mirror, a gold-leafed chandelier, a repurposed door headboard, a coffee table, a replica of a royal tabletop with a custom monogram, and more!

For more details on sweepstakes rules, terms and conditions, visit TheNateShow.com/giveaway.

does it matter when you don’t realize you made a mistake until 6 months later?

Oh boy, today I am trying to work out all the kinks in the books for 2010 and what do I find but a mess.  I entered in checks to the wrong vendor, forgot to enter in bills I never knew existed, and many more things I don’t want to mention because “you know who” (my dad is reading this and I don’t want him to think I am “that bad” at my job).  I think I have had my mind on so many things at once that I am just too distracted, kids, cutting boards, Mr. Know-it-all, cleaning, cabinets, finishing, scheduling, reading, and other stuff I can’t remember.  All of this is so overwhelming, and in fact today when I had the realization that mistakes were made over 6 MONTHS AGO really put me over the top. 

Thanks for all the comments on my new block with the legs.  It is so interesting that a cutting board can bring about so many opinions.  A family friend stopped by and took one look at the board and said, “that is ugly, are you selling that?” Mr. Know-it-all LOVES it and wants one.  Who knew?  Well all the buyers at Williams-Sonoma had different opinions too and we decided to nix the handles, and make the legs ourselves.  Here it is………
Ultimately the people will decide what they like and what will sell.  People know what they want right now, not 6 months later. 
your custom cabinet girl

trying to find my spot in the cabinet world

So here I am in the office doing paperwork and I don’t mind, but after a few days I get restless and need to work out in the shop.  I have been waiting on some items I ordered to make a new decoreative cutting board and they arrived yesterday.  This is my new product I am going to submit to Williams-Sonoma.  What do you think? 

If you can believe it, it took me quite a few weeks to find the right feet to use for this type of design.  And then, I picked out these really neat handles and because they mounted from the back we couldn’t find a resourceful way to mount them, so that idea was thrown out. I am not sure about these handles but they were the best I could find for the way I needed to mount them.  I might still be shopping for handles. 
I need input, let me have it!
your custom cabinet girl

i hate rejection, did i say i hate rejection?

On Friday night I had to get a couple of cabinet quotes done and emailed and one I worked on for about an hour.  I drew the plans and figured out the cost carefully only to receive an email back that the price was too high and they didn’t like my drawing.  I SO SO SO HATE getting rejected.  A “no thank you” works so much better than a “your drawing lacks character.”  What????? That is so wrong to hear when you have been doing this for 10 years.  I don’t know but I have put too much thought into it for the last two days and I am over it.  You know why?  Because I got it off my chest.  Thanks for letting me blog it to you! 

Now I can blog about more important things like, rollerblading…….I love rollerblading.  However, I do not love falling on my butt which I do quite a bit because its been so long since I rollerbladed.  Both Jakob and Nathan asked for skates for Christmas and of course Mr. Know-it-All had to put his two cents in.  “Skating is for girls” and I am thinking they are only 4 and 7 years old they don’t know skating is for girls so we compromised, we bought rollerblades.  Because according to Mr. Know-it-All, “we will NOT I repeat NOT have boys rollerskating, no way!”  Men are just weird.
Today flew by so fast and I feel like I didn’t do a thing, but I know I did something……
your custom cabinet girl