………. not time for me, yet………

I decided to sign up a couple of weeks ago on  I get one email every day letting me know the casting calls that are going on throughout the reality world.  Production companies list their casting calls and let you submit your story if you so choose.  I haven’t seen any pitches related to doing a reality show about a family business and I really haven’t been looking.  But, last night I got a phone call from a producer in Los Angeles who thought I was a good fit for this new show called, “Battle of the Sexes.”  I was literally JUMPING UP AND DOWN listening to her voicemail this morning.  I couldn’t believe it, I thought I might be going down south today to be interviewed.  After talking to the producer this morning, she found out that I lived in Lodi, and said, “where is that?”  I was thinking, “its almost 10:30A.M. am how am I going to get down to Los Angeles before 5pm today?”  She says, “oh no, I am sorry to have wasted your time, we need you here today and you are too far away.  My heart sank, such a bummer.  But you know, I have felt dissappointment before and I can definately feel it again. And the more you feel it the less time it lasts, I survived. 
I am just flattered that she thought I would be a possibility to be on that show.  Now I am going to dream some more.
your custom cabinet girl

valentines gift for the cook in your family…….

For the cook or food preparer in your family that LOVES hearts we have a beautiful one of a kind cutting board in the shape of a heart.  This is made with maple and cherry lumber and glued in Weber’s Cabinets signature end grain style.  This makes it extremely durable and gentle on knives.  You too can have your very own, just stop by our shop in Lodi, California or purchase online at Weber’s Cabinets, Inc.                                         your custom cabinet girl

i love happy clients, and my new scanner!

Now with my new “technology” (aka scanner) I can scan items that are given to me like this thank you note from Darrell and Jorden.  I have known Darrell since he was really little and I can’t believe he is married already, well actually I cannot believe I am married already.  Time just goes by so fast. 
We made this cutting board for them for Christmas and they were so nice to send a thank you note with a picture!  I love it!  I hope they enjoy it for years to come…….

your custom cabinet girl

dreams and awaiting an answer

I had the craziest dream on Friday night and I woke up all upset and breathing hard like I had been crying.  But when I touched my face I didn’t feel any tears.  Those dreams are so strange.  I was dreaming that I had gotten a phone call from a lady who had received pictures of my cutting boards that I had sent over a year ago.  I was so excited and emotional in the dream, like I couldn’t believe it was real (which it really wasn’t), but anyway she was so excited about my cutting boards and this BIG Company she worked for wanted to sell them.  I was just in complete shock and amazement and a little bummed when I woke up.  So funny, how a bad dream can make you wake up and realize you are so happy it was a dream and then a happy dream makes you wake up dissappointed. 

But I don’t expect to be dissappointed for long!  I shipped a new product to Williams Sonoma on Friday that they loved, so now I am awaiting to hear from them. They wanted a board the depth of a kitchen counter with a lip on the end.  This picture of it is what we came up with, the second time.  There are always changes.  I am hoping I get an order for a lot, I mean A LOT!  Here’s to hoping.  I will be praying in the morning.

your custom cabinet girl

pest or pill?

I am trying to stay positive for the New Year and “trying” to “feel” excited but January has always been a hard month for me.  I always look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and we all prepare for these waaay in advance.  For Christmas we purchase gifts and decorate preparing for 24 hours of bliss, and then its over.  And all Christmas day I am thinking; “savor this, its only one day, its almost over.”  I can’t even enjoy it.  I know I am a little nuts, but I think Christmas needs to be at least a week long of celebration with all the preparation we do for it.  Thanksgiving is not too bad because when its over I still have Christmas to prepare and look forward to.   

And how can I be depressed when I have these two goofballs around ALL THE TIME.  Children are literally right on you every second asking questions, wanting milk, or just wanting to be with you.  I really want to savor that, because when they get older they won’t want to be around me as much.  And with Mr. Know-it-All thrown into the mix I have all the testosterone, mess, and needy boys I can handle. 

My pastor at church today got me thinking about how I can make 2011 more productive for Jesus than 2010.  This really got me thinking and convicted about how I really live my life on a daily basis.  What is my purpose?  I really think when my dad and I pray in the morning before work we need to pray for Jesus to give us our purpose with the cabinet shop.  I think that is where I will start.   

I will be back at work tomorrow thinking about my purpose and getting my butt in gear.  I am trying to get our product into the Williams-Sonoma catalog and  I will tell you right now its going to be tough.  It has to be a perfect fit for the brand, something new, and I am not sure what else, my name needs to be April Williams, just kidding.  I am going to be a “nice pest” is what my dad said.  Are there “nice pests” or just “pests?”  I don’t know, maybe I will just be a pill.

your custom cabinet girl