my grown-up christmas list……….

I know I am an adult and I should ask for peace on earth and goodwill toward men, but hey I am realistic.

Here is my humble little list of 10 things……

1) To have my own reality show called; “custom cabinet girl” and prove everyone wrong that told me it wouldn’t be a hit!

2)  That my Christmas tree won’t fall over before Christmas is over.

3)  Mr. Know-it-All will pick me up and carry me over the threshold just because he loves me or just because……..

4)  My goal setting and vision is not too overrated and my dad doesn’t roll his eyes at me when I tell him what I want to do next.

5) That Jakob doesn’t turn into a full blown “chip addict” like Mr. Know-it-All.

6) I can figure out a way to get on “The Nate Berkus” show again.

7) Did I say I wanted to have a reality show “custom cabinet girl?”  Better put it in here twice just to be sure. Any producers read my blog?  Anyone?

8) Our newest addition the “small version” of the chef board for sale in Williams-Sonoma stores as well as others, hint….hint……buyers I have contacted at Frontgate, Sur la Table, Crate & Barrel, & Neiman Marcus, call me 😉
9)  Our cutting boards in the Williams Sonoma catalog.  The C-A-T-A-L-O-G!!!!!  Do I have to beg?  Please……………..
10) Ok, fine. And peace on earth and good will towards men…….
Let me know what you think, except for you Mr. Know-it-All I already know what you think. 🙂
your custom cabinet girl

can you believe this?

When Mr. Know-it-All finds out I know he is just going to look at me and shake his head.  I hate it when he shakes his head at me.  FYI: don’t shake your head at me.  But really this is so mind blowing to me that I don’t know how, well it HAS TO BE A MIRACLE…….
I drove around town with my keys on the bumper like this for two days!  I drove on the freeway! I went all the way, (well I know its not that far), but ALL THE WAY to Stockton like this!  And do you know how I found out where my “missing keys” were? My dad used the car to take Nathan to school for me in the morning and he saw them in passing…..
I know crazy, idiotic, I have no idea how I have even lived this long…..

your custom cabinet girl (psst: who doesn’t always talk about cabinets)

perfect finishing day…….

Most days the finish shop just plain sucks.  When finish colors have to match the samples the formula has to be exact.  I have to mention today because what happened in the finish shop was magical.  The amount of stain mixture with the wiping stain base was perfect and actually sprayed onto the corbels really nicely.  It depends on how I set I the dials on the gun to make sure the color sprays out the way I need it to. The weather outside also has an effect on how the finish comes out.  These glaze colors spraying on hardrock maple are so tedious and time consuming but today they seemed to spray so nicely……….ahhhh………it couldn’t have been a better finishing day!
All day, every day, except today I feel like I am wasting time and redoing stuff, but not today!!!
your custom cabinet girl 

thankful for my pilgrim, my little indian, & mkia….

Jakob and Nathan are reading buddies at school this year.  So my little pilgrim and little indian got to have a thanksgiving feast together at school and at Grammie and Grandpa’s house!  They are so cute and I could not be more thankful for these two. 

I am so thankful for the 40 chef boards that were shipped out on Wednesday on time going to the Williams Sonoma distribution center for online sales!

I am thankful for a wonderfully nice winery in town “Lange Twins” that is purchasing a smaller version of our chef board thus giving me a new idea for a new cutting board.

I am thankful that when we put Jakob’s birthday present together that Mr. Know-it-All and I didn’t get into a fight……

I am thankful for the wonderful comments and ideas I get from people who visit us at the shop, brouse our website, or read my blog.

I am thankful for reading, and being able to still


got my Nate Berkus segment on you tube!

So I don’t think I have gone this long with out blogging ever.  I feel like I have been extremely lazy about blogging.  Or at least putting it on the bottom of the list which means I don’t get to it. 
If you have not seen the segment from the Nate Berkus show my dad and I were on last year here it is below!
I can’t believe its been a year already, and that it took me that long to figure out how to get it on youtube.  You know you can ask and ask for people to send you something, but ultimately you have to do it yourself.  So I took my flip cam and stood still in front of the TV and recorded the recording.  I had to do something!
I have a lot to catch up with you all and what is going on at the shop, will fill you in on the details as soon as I can.
Love that Nate Berkus!!!
your custom cabinet girl

its nice to get snail mail when its not a bill…….

It is so nice to get snail mail when its not a bill and especially when its a thank you note.  I received a wonderful thank you note from a mom of one of the girls I taught this summer in our woodworking classes.  This is her note;

Claire & Helen arriving at our Woodworking Class.

Woodworking Class that week.

I am so thankful for all the kids that decided to join me for the woodworking classes this summer.  If your child is interested in taking a class during the break, please give me a call at 209.368.0703.  We have openings for classes October 3-7, 2011 (1pm-3pm) or October 10-14, 2011 (1pm-3pm). 
Thank you to Patti, Helen’s mom who made my day!!
your custom cabinet girl

distressed vanity do-over

Here are the final pictures of the vanity I finished distressed.  My dad had to cut down the cabinet by length in order to fit it into a 1 3/4″ inset in the wall on both sides.  This is where I screwed up totally missing that measurement when I first went out.  I still cringe when i think about it.
You can see the left side of the cabinet tucks right into the wall
inset.  YES! My dad is my HERO on this job he saved my booty on this one! 
Below is the final product installed.  I was asked to add green to the finish color making the cabinet look like it came right out of the garden with moss on it.  It’s hard to tell from the picture because the green was very subtle.  I really, really enjoyed finishing this cabinet!  It turned out very unique. 
until my next mistake,
your custom cabinet girl