follow up for the AOL article

The wonderful and talented Lisa Johnson Mandell a writer for AOL (among many other things), decided to follow up with me at the end of 2010.  She said the article she wrote about me in August got a lot of good feedback along with some others she wrote this year, and wanted to see what had happened since then. 
Lisa Johnson MandellYou can see the article here @ Most Popular Subjects on AOL
Mr. Know-it-All had to mention that I email her with a request that I am NOT SINGLE.  So I thought about it, no just kidding.  I did ask her to somehow mention I am happily married if she could. And she wrote a small paragraph about it in the section about me. Suffice to say, Mr. Know-it-All was happy and it put a smile on his face.
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Me and Nate Berkus

If you ever, I mean EVER get to be on a TV show you MUST keep a camera with you at ALL TIMES.  My dad and I learned this from experience when we were on The Nate Show.  We didn’t take the camera with us when we went out on stage for the segment.  And because of the time when the segment was over we had to leave immediately.  Our flight was leaving around 6:30 which wouldn’t have been a problem except our segment didn’t tape till around 4:30 and the producers were afraid we would miss our flight.

I did have time to take this picture with Nate after he interviewed me.  And I LOVE that he is holding the Wine Bottle.  So cool.  I really didn’t get to meet him or talk to him until I got on stage and sat in the chair and when he walked out I know my jaw dropped to the floor.  I am getting all nervous again just writing about it!  And we had maybe 1 minute before everyone was ready to go and he sat down next to me and all I could say was “hi.”  I am SO MAD AT MYSELF!!  All I said was Hi?? so lame…….
All I have to say is Nate is a truly genuine man and he really cares about others and wants to help by using his talent which is decorating.  It took me 3 months but I finally got the pictures from the show.  I am so thankful for an incredible adventure that was the 24 hours I was in New York.
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fun stuff happens in a cabinet shop!

Since we have been building all these butcher blocks my dad has really been solving issues making our production process easier.  When the order came for the 2000 units a good friend of my dad’s, Frank decided he could help.  He is a machinest and took one of our molding machines and turned it into a gang rip.

Now don’t think I know what I am talking about cause I don’t, I just listen to what they tell me.  But here is the scoop on how this will make our production faster.  Currently we were cutting each piece of lumber in specific sized strips ONE AT A TIME, now when we place the piece of lumber into this machine it will cut the lumber into SIX PIECES of equal sizes.  With ONE rip on the lumber we are making SIX pieces instead of ONE.  We will have our pieces to glue in a faster amount of time, giving us a quicker turnaround which will really help.
Isn’t this a cool picture of the lumber coming out of the machine!  I know, I am a little strange but what can I say?  Fun stuff happens in a cabinet shop!
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last shipment out!!!

We shipped out our last 325 wine bottles on Friday night.  I have been really relaxing since Friday walking around SLOWLY and taking deep breaths…….ahhhhh normalicy.  Is there such a thing in December, I hope so!  This is Luis, Pete, Frank, and Jeff in front of the last pallet to leave the buidling for the Williams-Sonoma warehouse.  They all worked so hard these last two months getting these units out.  They had to make sure they were “camera ready” by spraying off all the sawdust off their clothes for “picture time.” 
We were a gluing, sanding, packing machine!  I still can’t believe I actually got them all packed at out on Friday night.  We had most of the 325 to pack still and we were sanding till 6:00pm.  I had the pickup scheduled from 4-6pm and of course the guy shows up at 4pm.  He had to ask his boss if he could wait because we were his last pickup.  Miraculously he was able to do another pickup in Stockton and come back to Lodi to pick up our units.  He didn’t come back till a little after 6:30pm and I was just putting the last amount of shrink wrap around the last pallet.  I don’t think I have really “yelled” at an employee before but I was getting pretty antsy at the end, “20 minutes left guys” I screamed.  “Get it done!!!!!”  As I am frantically wrapping the bottles in paper and packing them onto the pallets.  It was definately a workout. 
It seems like each of our orders went out like this every time if it was 500 units or 300 units we were still working till the last second.  If you ask Mr. Know-it-All he would say I need some serious work on my timing.  Mark my foreman said “we probably won’t make the shipment out by Wednesday, maybe Thursday, but definately Friday.”  I wanted to strangle him Friday, (j/k) when we were still sanding and cutting out the bottles at 4:00pm!!!!  It was a MIRACLE we got these out.  My goal is to get better timing with the whole production thing. Maybe Mr. Know-it-All can help with that.  Thanks to all my helpers you are the best!
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