the unknown is so darn scary

I have been told many times, “you must be so excited about all these wine bottles you have to make.”  I nodd a resounding yes but in my mind it has not come to a full realization yet on what has really transpired or what this all really means.  I am very thankful for what has happened so far but I am in a misty fog of thoughts and doubts.  Now that this is the last shipment out this week to finish off the big order of wine bottles I am begining to contemplate. 

This is Mr. Know-it-all, my Mom, and my Aunt Ellen in the background working on one of our shipments last week. 
God is teaching me a big lesson this year about trust.  Well now that I think about it he has been teaching me all my life, ha, ha…..  He wants me to trust in him completely and I know in my heart and head I would be stupid not to, but I just can’t seem to get over the control issue.  All of us want to be in control and want the assurance of the future but that is just not to be.  If I had known 4 years ago when the economy had started to tumble along with all our work that I would be ok, and make it this far, then I wouldn’t have tried as hard.  In other words if I knew the future outcome because we all want to, it wouldn’t have benefited me in the learning process.  But today I sooooooo want to know the future.  Are the bottles going to sell well?  Will Williams-Sonoma buy different products I have to offer?  Will we stay busy enough, etc, etc……..All these questions.  And now I have realized that what I really need to do is obey Jesus and Trust in him and He will lead the way.  And that is just what I will do.  
Two beautiful gifts from God. They are just angels sometimes and terrors at other times, but they are the perfect gift.
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"my box is so beautiful mom!"

This is my hard little worker…….
Who also lives in a box when he is at the shop.  It looks like this..
I asked my dad to bring back one of the boxes we had a cabinet shipped in to the shop last Friday.  This is it all carved with its own front door and two little windows.  Nathan was so excited when Papa made his “Box” that he came running to me in the office; “Mom! Mom! Papa made me a beautiful box!”  I have never seen someone so enthusiastic about cardboard before.  You would have thought he was going on a trip to Disneyland or something, but no just excited about his box. 
When I went to invesitgate later Jakob had put his stamp on it with his handwriting that says; “welcom to my house.”  So cute.  Jakob loves the box too.
So funny……I have to find some way to keep them happy at work with me. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  There is a lot to be thankful for.
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review on serendipity mommy

Serendipity Mommy Blog
Candace the “Serendipity Mommy” asked me if she could review one of my wine bottle cutting boards and of course I said “yes.”  What a neat blog!  If you go here you can read Candy’s review and about how to enter the giveaway.  I am doing a few giveaways this holiday season so you will have plenty of opportunity to win a wine bottle if you want one!  I am just so humbled by all the positive feedback and lovely comments by all the readers and bloggers out there.  That is one great Christmas present this year!  Thank you to all of you for the kind words of encouragement and compliments.
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dodging the bullets

Have you ever had something go wrong and then another thing go wrong and then another?  Keep going and going………  That is what today was like.  I have 300 wine bottles I am supposed to ship out on Friday and I don’t know if it will be possible.  On Saturday at work one of my guys cut his thumb in half and thankfully didn’t cut his bone or a tendon.  He did however have to get 19 stitches and he is resting for at least 10 days.  My foreman is gone for the rest of the week to be with his mom in the hospital while she gets open heart surgery.  And the sander broke today, but only for 5 hours, (thankfully).  A repair technician drove all the way up to Lodi from Fresno to show us how to push the reset button.  Only 500.00 dollars later and I have a sander back in business!  Crazy day.  I will tell you this though my guys pumped out 150 planks and were gluing machines!  They are awesome.  We are working on catching up!!!  I haven’t been home for 1 day in over a week, I feel like I live at the shop.  And now I am home writing about work, it just won’t end!!!
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a mom’s impression

Another blog where you can try to win your very own wine bottle cutting board!  Kat Hodson wrote a review about my wine bottle I sent her and she likes it she really likes it!!  I am just so humbled by all these bloggers who are reviewing my cutting boards.  They are really something else!  Fabulous.  If you would like to read Kat’s review and see how to enter to win one go here;
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mom spotted blog

A great blog by a mom named Jennifer Leigh called; mom spotted  posted a review today about my wine bottle cutting board!  This is something you need to check out because I am offering a wine bottle in a giveaway she is doing.  There are different requirements in order to put your name in the hat.  One of them caused me to get new followers today on my twitter account which was nice because I am really new to this twitter stuff.  And all because of Jennifer Leigh at mom spotted !!!  I am so excited.  
Mom Spotted
Let me know what you think!

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