2010 Holiday Gift Guides

So I am new to the “blogosphere”  and the “blog world” and to all this web internet stuff, but I stumbled upon something very significant I think.  Drum roll please………….The incredibly popular “Blog Holiday Gift Guides!!”  I was reading in my “help out a reporter” emails and I came across a blogger who was looking for items to review for her gift guide, so I decided to submit my wine bottle information to her.  By that evening I started receiving all kinds of emails from mommy bloggers throughout the USA and Canada!  I thought my wonderful friend and website designer Rachael had submitted more of my information to her blogger friends, and to find out it was all from this “one” mommy blogger TheMomJen. Thank you Jen, you’re the best!

Now I have 20 bloggers waiting to get my product and reviewing it!  Amazing and scary at the same time, because what if they don’t like it?  I know, I know, not everyone is going to like it but I just hate rejection doesn’t everyone?  Besides that, a guy that works for the “Weightwatchers” magazine is doing a review on gifts for Christmas this year and he said he LOVES my chopping block!  Yea!  I am estatic, but now let’s hope it gets INTO the magazine, not a 100% for sure yet.  Cross your fingers………
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the great mystery of the titebond III

So you may be asking “why is April writing about the glue?”  Well let me tell you.  This glue has been the end of me, let me tell you.  I have bought out each Lowes store in gallons of this glue in the San Joaquin County area.  I have gone at night with Jakob and Nathan gallons in toe, with strange looks from strangers.  I know they’re all wondering what in the world I want all this glue for but nevermind, at this point I don’t even care.  Just give me the glue!! 

 I even sent Mr. Know-it-All to the Sacramento Lowes to buy 10 gallons they had on Friday because we were completely out.  I feel like a failure because I haven’t been able to keep up with the necessities of making these butcher blocks.  I ordered 50 gallons of the stuff on Monday which was to arrive on Friday and when I went to pick it up I was told it wasn’t being delivered till Monday.  Monday!!! I had to have it for Friday!  So this resulted in using my husband to go fetch the most glue he could from the closest Lowes I could find.   
This has been frustrating yet enlightening for me to notice all the “inventory suppliers” out there in which their job is to provide all their employees with the necessities in order to make their product.  I salute you because I suck at at it. 
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i haven’t been this tired since birthing a baby!

We did it!  And I mean “WE” in all senses of the word.  This was a group effort and without all my new coworkers I could not have done it.  I am so proud of them!  We were down to the last second.  I got my stickers late this week which means I couldn’t box up the bottles which means I had less time to get everything packed.  But we did it!  I just had to ask for an additional day to get everything ready.  

And don’t think I didn’t have nightmares last night about it even after it was all done, cause I did.  I had a dream that I gave a partial part of the shipment to the wrong guys who were supposed to pick up something else.  And then another guy came to pick up the pallets and they weren’t even in pallets, the boxes were strewn about everywhere!  I woke up panicked and then realized it was already done.  Whew!  What a week.  We all worked day and nights till about 9 or 10 pm and came right back bright and early to sand and box and oil the bottles.  I don’t think any of us could have tried any harder, but by Thursday I was feeling so tired that it has caused me to work slow and I feel lazy.  With all that said, I love a good adventure and this week sure was one!

We have another 550 to ship out in less than two weeks and we are out of glue again!  Maybe I will mention this, well what the heck?  I LOVE TITEBOND III and that is the only product we use to glue up our butcher blocks because it is the strongest glue and its waterproof!  If someone from that company wants to sell me a lot of glue for a competitive price I am all for it.  I have bought it all out of all the Lowes stores in the surrounding area.  And don’t think I don’t think it looks funny when I am buying up gallons of glue and that is the only thing in my shopping cart!  

I keep being asked, “aren’t you so excited?”  And, “isn’t this just so great?”  And my answer has been an astounding “yes” but I have been working so much and running around so much that I really haven’t been able to sit down and comprehend it all yet.  I am a little disappointed in myself that I haven’t fully appreciated all that God has provided for me in the last month.  What extraordinary things that have conspired and I am so THANKFUL, but I still cannot comprehend.  I think that will take time.  I just appreciate all of the support from my family, friends, and followers (who are family and friends), because without you there would be no one to share this “miracle” with.  Thank you and I will be blogging more soon.  

BTW:  I was interviewed for 6 minutes by Maria Bailey from http://www.momtalkradio.com and it will be on her show Sunday night.  If you go to her website you can find out where it will be on the radio in your area and you can listen!  

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500 wine bottles to go out wednesday

If you look at this cute little sleepy boy you can get an idea of how tired I am.  I am NOT complaining because working is so much fun, and I am so THANKFUL for the extra work.  I was actually enjoying today in the shop sanding the wine bottles and smoothing out their edges.  I just saw this picture of Nathan from a couple of years ago and it makes me want to hug him all the more before he gets too big.

My boys were at work with me because Mr. Know-it-All is in Dallas this weekend.  He has to go to the Cowboys game in “Cowboy Territory” in order to get the full effect.  I just think its hilarious because I don’t understand the obsession.  I really don’t.  But I guess its just like my obsession with books.  I could get a good book and lay down and read for hours and be so content while he can watch football and sit on the couch for hours and be content. 

Well its “happy sanding” for me and lots more wine bottles to make which makes me happy.  Next on my agenda I have to figure out how to get my wine bottle into the hands of Oprah.  Wouldn’t that be something?  I really want to be on her “favorite things” show and take Mr. Know-it-All along because now he thinks he is my agent!  He has all the answers!

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today is the day!

Well today is the day!  I am on the Nate Berkus Show!  I am actually very nervous today and have been for a few weeks anticipating the outcome of all of this.  Will people like my product?  Will they buy it?  All the unknowns that are soon to be known.  

I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness for Nate Berkus.  In the beginning of my segment with him I cried because I had realized what a BIG DEAL it was for him to have me (of all the people in this world), on his show.  And to be able to show my product to the people watching the show.  So I am just going to put it out there, BUY THEM PEOPLE!

BUY THEM UP!  Its a great product that will look beautiful in any home.  And you can use it too!

Before I forget, we just launched our new and improved Weber’s Cabinets website. So please visit our new website, look around and buy our wine bottle shaped chopping block or heart shaped chopping block.

More to come about what happened on the show!

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officially for sale on Williams-Sonoma website!

 If you would have told me that Williams-Sonoma would order more butcher blocks in such a short amount of time since becoming a vendor for them, and put my product on their website within a week I would have told you to “take a hike!”  No really, “take a hike!”  I cannot believe all that has transpired in the last 2 weeks.  I have been able to hire more people to help make the wine bottle blocks in order to fill these new orders.  I am so THANKFUL and GRATEFUL!!  Jesus is faithful when you obey and I can definitely say that with all sincerity and truth.

There was a particular night last year I was extremely down and lost in the thoughts of “what to do?”  I asked my husband Greg; “do you think we are going to make it? Cause I don’t think we are going to make it.”  He said, “of course you are going to make it, you just keep going.  You get up tomorrow, you hold your head up and you just keep working hard.”  That gave me just the encouragement I needed in order to get by for the next day and then I would need some more for the following day.  What a roller coaster and life lesson this has been. 

Never give up if you think in your heart and your mind that what you are doing is what you are supposed to be doing.  And do not feel bad about being vulnerable, because it just humbles you.  I am still learning that I have to humble myself and trust COMPLETELY in God and give him EVERYTHING.  He is teaching me to trust only in Him for all my concerns and why shouldn’t I?  He loves all of us and only wants the best for us.  Thank you to all of the wonderful encouragers in my life, it helps me keep on moving and building those butcher blocks!
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i have an air date!

Ok, ok……for all of you that keep asking me when is the segment for “The Nate Show” going to air here it is!  Thursday October 7, 2010.  Just click above  and you can see the details.
And if you are wondering why I put this picture up of my family…………well let me tell you.  When you read the description of the show it states that I am a “single mom” and you all know I am not.  So I am doing this for my wonderful husband of over 10 years and clarifying so you know that I know that you know…..well you know.
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