thank you for all the blessings and encouragement

I have another order going out tomorrow for 25 more wine bottle chopping blocks and this time I didn’t get to build them.  I have been in the paint shop and the office a lot.  Finishing cabinets to match is a little tricky, but I will get it soon enough.  
What a crazy day Saturday was?  I want to say thanks to all my “new” followers and those that have been with me from the beginning you have a special place in my heart.  It was a nice day of great encouragement I could not ask for more.  All the nice comments on my blog were so much fun to read!  And I even got some new ideas offered to me.  
Now I am off to the finish shop to primer a cabinet that is to be picked up tomorrow!  Everything seems to be up to the very last second.  
Oh and I did get some orders this weekend!  One is in West Virgina, and another in Massachusetts!  And another in Minnesota.  What a great thing the internet is!
your custom cabinet girl 

we’re trying to sell to the world!

Well we decided to frame a map of the world hang it up in the office and flag all the cities of the Williams-Sonoma stores we are in.  It seemed like a lot of stores and so far apart but when you flag it on a map of the world it begins to look small.  Nevertheless its still exciting and I am so looking forward to adding more flags to the separate people I sell the blocks to “around the world.” 
By the way, (and when I tell you this you are not going to believe it cause I hardly can), I will be on in an article about my story by the end of the week!  And…..if AOL decides to do so they will put it on their front page where millions of people will see it!  Crazy and I cannot believe I am writing this right now.  I am so excited I can hardly concentrate yet put together a sentence.  I want to mention the journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell who called me and interviewed me and graciously decided to pitch this story.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  
I am trying to get everything together on my the Weber’s Cabinets website in order for it to be super easy for any one to order a wine bottle butcher block.  If you so choose, go to the following link;
Weber’s Cabinets, Inc. and you too can have one of your very own!  Later to all my wonderful blogging following peeps!  
your custom cabinet girl

one thing at a time……

Children can give you a wonderful perspective on life.  Just realizing how they have no concept of time is actually hilarious when you look back on the time you told them to “hurry it up!”  When I ask them to hurry up I think they go slower just to irk me.  
I am finding that only one thing can be accomplished at a time and this “multitasking” thing is really a step backwards.  The more focused you are on one single project, the faster it gets done.  Then you can go to the next and the next.  I also am learning I cannot do it all and that makes me frustrated, but human.  You can’t do it all even when you try your hardest.  You just don’t have enough time in the day or energy to accomplish what it is that needs to be done.  Those people I see that are involved in everything and seem like they “DO” do it all.  But of course they don’t.  You and I know they’re taking a nap on Sunday, or crashing on the couch in utter exhaustion eventually.  
This picture is where I want to be someday.  Enjoying my children and grandchildren and really “playing with them.”  I think that is why grandparents say being a grandparent is the best thing ever.  They have time, and a perspective and knowledge that us young people just don’t understand.  
So now that I have gone completely off track on perspective I am really thinking about this because I have “so much work to do!”  I am going insane!  But I do love it, and I have always said “if you don’t love what you do, you need to get a new job.”  Therefore, I am taking one thing at a time.
your custom cabinet girl
P.S.  I might be in an article written by a journalist that works for AOL! Crazy!  Wish me luck, or better yet pray for me! 

are you ready to do some shopping?

Now I was told by a Williams-Sonoma executive that the wine bottle blocks will be available in these following stores on August 1st.  That’s tomorrow people!  Tomorrow!!!!!  So you better get ready to do some shopping!  
West Coast Williams-Sonoma Stores
Beverly Hills, Ca
San Diego, Ca (7007 Friars Road Suite583)
Walnut Creek, Ca
Palo Alto, Ca
San Francisco, Ca
Costa Mesa, Ca
Corte Madera, Ca
Newport Coast, Ca
Bellvue, Wa
Albequerque, NM
Littleton, Co
Mid West
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Oakbrook, IL
Edina, Minnisota
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
East Coast
King of Prussia, PA
Annapolis, Maryland
Short Hills, NJ
New York, NY (Columbus Circle)
New York, NY (59th and Lexington)
Boston, MA
And……..if you happen to be in CANADA……
Calgary, Alberta Canada
We are not just National, but International.  Lets make this big, buy em up people!  Thank you so much for your support!
your custom cabinet girl