i’m a little concerned……

This week I did a lot of sanding in the shop and boy does my right arm hurt.  My muscles are sore to the touch.  I know this probably means I am creating more muscle but I really am concerned because I don’t want to look like a body builder.  I mean really, I am more of an indoor girl.  The other concern is, will my left arm look different than my right?  Significantly?  I have no idea, but that is scary to me.  I love working out in the shop but I am really looking forward to a day of dressing up.  Having to wear slightly holey or painted clothing every day is getting old really quick.  Now I am thinking I need a balance.  A certain amount of days in the shop, and then the other in the office.  
  By the way, (Monica I know you’re reading this), I will post all the stores the wine bottles will be in tomorrow.  I was going to do it tonight but I left my list in my office.  Oops…….scatterbrain is what you should call me lately.  I have to confirm tomorrow that the blocks will be out on the floor of the stores starting August 1st.  
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good day sacramento tomorrow!

I am excited to announce that we will be on Good Day Sacramento (channel 13), tomorrow morning at the 7am and 8am hours.  Jackie Tranchida is coming by to see how we make our wine bottle blocks and what the process is.  I am very nervous and I hope it brings a lot of business.  
If you would like to purchase a wine bottle or a heart please visit Weber’s Cabinets, Inc. and click on the “products” link and you too can have one!

Our wine bottle chopping blocks will be available in the Williams-Sonoma stores around August 1st throughout the United States and Canada.  I am supposed to confirm that date in a week or so.  I have another shipment of 20 to go out next week, and I will update you on that soon enough! 

i got in the paper!

Here is the article; Lodi Company Capitalizes on the Power of Blogging
So my wonderful cousin Jamie Baker emailed me last week and said she wanted to contact the Lodi News Sentinel to do a article on my wine bottle blocks.  I thought that was so nice of her so I said, “sure.”  And sure enough a writer calls me from the paper Tuesday morning and shows up with a photographer a couple of hours later.  He was so nice and genuinely excited about my story.  Too bad I didn’t dress better yesterday.  I was working in the finish shop and looking kinda “scrappy” but thank goodness I put on some make-up that day. 

Then to make it even more exciting or embarrassing (you take your pick), I wake up and go get the paper and its front and center!  Crazy!  Didn’t expect that either.  I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement I have had through all of this, it has truly been a remarkable time in my life for all these things to be happening.  And I owe all my success to Jesus himself my Father in heaven.  He is my perfect Savior who loves me through it all.  I hope you see that he too loves you!

until i get more time to write and not run around like a crazy girl!

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packing up first order for Williams-Sonoma

Oh I am so excited and I know that I sound loony tunes but I cannot believe it!  I didn’t find out until 9:30 am yesterday if the pickup for the first order was going to be today or not! 

Here is my son Jake the “slave labor” who worked so hard yesterday packing and mainly oiling the butcher blocks with mineral oil.  My dad called him, the “personal gulf oil spill.”  He oiled up my dad’s work bench pretty good.  He will be paid accordingly.

    As for me a lot of wrapping and making packing stickers and packing slips and “this way up” signs. 

I will get more pictures up soon, there is something wrong with my camera downloading all the pictures I took yesterday. 

I am so thankful for all of my friends and their encouragement, this has truly been the hardest “physical” work I have ever done in my life, and it was a really fun and satisfying process.

When the delivery truck comes to pick up the two pallets today and take the 120 butcher block bottles to Williams-Sonoma I am going to want to take a picture of the whole thing and tell him my story.  Mr. knowitall says he’s going to think I am a weirdo, but do I care?  No.

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