according to; mr. knowitall…..blah….blah….blah…..

As you have probably noticed I am extremely sarcastic especially when it comes to that person I have to sleep with every night.  Every time I have a post he likes to read it, (and I think only because he wants to make sure I don’t say anything bad about him).  Ha ha……
When I posted two weeks ago about having street credit in the shop with my new experience, he says, “you cannot crown yourself with street credit, it must be given to you.”  Are you kidding me?  Is he serious?  This thought is coming from a man who takes home all the plastic cups he can find at the baseball or football stadium when the game is over. 
 Better go, now he is trying to convince the boys that they would rather watch the baseball game than cartoons!  Poor kids.  I will update you on Monday with my progress on the butcher blocks.  Almost done with my first order!
your custom cabinet girl

i’m building butcher blocks!

My wonderful son Jakob took some pictures of me this morning gluing up the blocks.  I have to wear an apron because the glue is so sticky that any remnant of it left on your clothing will not come off.  It also keeps sawdust and dirt from getting on my clothing too. 
I am so thankful for this weather, its been 80 degrees the last two days and its wonderful out in the shop with the breeze. Not normal Lodi weather in June. 
This is the second phase of constructing the wine bottle blocks.  I have to glue 25 strips of glued up lumber from the first phase in order to yield two wine bottles.  Last night I glued up 5 total  boards which will make 10 bottles.  And this morning I glued up 6 more which makes 12 more.  I am feeling the push however, because these need to be done and sent out before July 1st! 
But don’t tell me I cannot do something because I am ready to prove you wrong!
your custom cabinet girl

getting street cred

Ahhh…… the inevitable street credit.  Yes!  I finally have it and have been practicing now consistently for a week.  I have used the clamps, titebond III glue, scraper, spray gun, air gun, hand sander, and the “Big Ass Sander.”  You see that puppy right behind me, yes that is it and it is a monster.  Its also a little temperamental at times too.  But I can handle that big Cadillac.  

Today’s duties were to scrape all the glued up lumber boards and get them ready to put through the belt sander.  Then I made up two more new sets of glued up boards like the ones you see below.  Those will be ready to scrape tomorrow. 
We can make two wine bottles with each board.  I have to get 120 wine bottles done and shipped to Williams-Sonoma by July 1st! I am so excited, and getting um done!

big changes

Big changes are going on here at Weber’s Cabinets.  Here are my biggest supporters, three of my favorite guys.  They are so understanding and loving to me and I just appreciate their kisses and hugs, even when they don’t want to kiss and hug all the time like me.  
Last Friday we had to make the decision to lay the rest of our crew off, and my dad and I are in the shop together building and finishing cabinets.  Well, he is building, and I am sanding and trying to finish.  Our projects ahead will keep us both super busy, but we just weren’t busy enough to keep everyone else.  This is sad to me because my employees are like family.  They are there with you almost every day, seeing your good attitudes, and sometimes grumpy times.  Not that I have those!  And employees become friends, sometimes life long friends.  I hope that they know how grateful I am to have had them share their lives with me. 
Anyway, I am seeing this as an opportunity to get myself out into the shop.  The circumstances aren’t how I wanted to be working in the shop, but “God’s ways are not our ways.”  I wanted to work in the shop so bad, and now I have the chance.  I am going to take it and run!  I am just scared I don’t have the talent it takes to “build” cabinets, but we’ll just have to see!  
your custom cabinet girl