more selling

So I got a “Frontgate” catalog in the mail today at work and I thought, hummm…..should I try to sell my wine bottle chopping block to them too?  Well of course I tried, and this is how you know every company is different.  In one of the tiny word paragraphs’ on the website is the actual email to the president of the company. BAM!  I shot him over an email with a picture of the product.  Maybe he will read it, only time will tell. 
until later,
your custom cabinet girl

we’re in!!!!!!


Oh yes!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I am in!  I got the official email from my “Williams-Sonoma” rep who said “you are in!”  I just have to fill out the rest of the vendor paperwork as soon as I get it and then I will be getting orders!  Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!  It is all because of Jesus, that I have this work and I am so thankful to him for it!

When I get back into reality I will let you know the latest.

Until then,
your custom cabinet girl

P.S. Have a wonderful weekend!

i must be telepathic

I must be telepathic, because while I was writing my blog just 15 minutes ago the vendor paperwork was being emailed to me!  You might think I have some special magic.  It’s called Jesus, he is my special magic and he is always there for me every step of the way!  Yes, I am so excited, and I did not take my dad’s advice and sit down and look at the paper like I was official or anything.  Are you kidding, this is CRAZY!!!!!  I am all hyped up, but that’s just me.

Now I must get home and take my little Jakob to church to get his “major award” for saying all his memory verses and going through his entire book for the year!  He is so excited about that!  Until more paperwork comes I will speak to you soon!

your custom cabinet girl

two more days……….

While I am so anxious about the end result and becoming a vendor for “Williams-Sonoma.”  I have to tell you that I am trying to act so non-shallant about the whole thing.  I know I am irritating someone in corporate because of all my questions, and urgency!  Well hopefully they see it as a hard working ethic and not a; “oh my gosh, what is wrong with this girl?”  Hopefully they think I’m great! Just kidding, all jokes aside, this is the first time I have ever dealt with something like this, and brought in a job like this, and I am just realizing this right now as I am typing.  That is a lot of “this.”  Everything is dreamland for me right now.  I hope to have a picture of myself with the vendor paperwork ready to fill out within 24 hours.  I am expecting them any time now, and I am supposed to fill them out and send them back right away in order to be signed up as an official “Williams-Sonoma” vendor!  Can’t wait!!!! AHHHHHHH!

your custom cabinet girl

heart shaped butcher block

This is another shape we built as a sample and I submitted it to Williams Sonoma, but it’s too “cutesy.”  That’s alright because I have another idea up my sleeve that is going to make those big executives really impressed!  
On another note, I decided to try my luck with “Neiman Marcus” and they said they would look at my wine bottle on the website and if they like it get back in touch with me.  I am wondering when I should follow up with this girl.  Is Monday too soon?
your custom cabinet girl


So here’s my dad in the finish shop in front of the mantle he had just built.  It wouldn’t be right for me to stand in front of the mantle cause I didn’t build it.  If only……….
Anyway, this mantle is actually just about to be finished by Chris in the paint shop and go out to the job for install by Monday.  What a beautiful job, and what a BIG job!  I am so excited to see the end result.  I will show you with pictures!  Until then I will just blog about other stuff going on.
your custom cabinet girl

countdown has begun

I am eagerly anticipating this decision as I sit here writing this………  I found out this morning that the panel from Williams-Sonoma that approves products won’t be able to look at mine until the 23rd.  So I get two more weeks to sweat it out!  Ahhhhh……..Oh well, that’s ok, that’s life right.  I am just so honored to be considered and scared out of my mind at the thought. 

 I always loved that movie from 1988 called “Big Business” with Bette Midler.  It was my favorite movie for the longest time, and I have seen it at least 20 times.  She was so in control and funny, the big business lady that she was. And I kept telling my parents I wanted to be a big business woman, and here I am today sitting in a tiny office trying to make that come true.  After all these years I really just wanted to stay in good old Lodi and be with my family, work with kids, and sing.  And now, I am self employed and trying to make it in “big” business.  So funny how life works and what God brings to the table.