cabinet paperwork

Who ever thought custom cabinetry could create so much paperwork?  I wouldn’t.  What is it that I actually do?  I am not sure and during an insightful teleconference this morning it was brought up that I have some routines that need to be changed.  Yes, that would of course be fine with me, as you can see its messy where I work and a little crowded. 

I actually might put something on my goal list this year that pertains to making my office a little bigger, or possibly blow a hole through the wall so I can not feel like I am in a cave all the time.  Either way I might feel better.  I think I would feel much better after I can blow something up.

I got to visit with a friend/new client today and it was fun.  We went over the plans for her new kitchen and talked about everything included in the cabinets, and what she might want to change.  That is fun to talk about  and exciting for the client.  I love to see the excitement when the job is done and they are completely satisfied.  That is one of my favorite parts.

I have not given up on being able to work out in the shop, I just know its going to take time for Mr. Old-fashioned a.k.a. Mark Weber .  I will have my day in the shop soon enough, and as my husband says; “you won’t like it and you will ask to go back to the office!”  I don’t think so Mr. Know-It-All!

talk to you soon,
your custom cabinet girl

waiting is so hard……

So here goes, I was asked by a TV producer to get some video together of my work life and home life for a possible reality show.  I really didn’t think much of it 6 months ago when I was first approached about applying for something like that.  Dynamic show with a girl in a custom cabinet shop, possible contrast with workers and working with her father.  These things sounded interesting to them, and I just made the tapes and sent them off.  Now its the waiting game.  I have been waiting a couple of months now, and last week was informed that its going to be a tough sell.  I just emailed the nice producer and said, “I know you said its a tough sell, but you can do it, I have faith in you.”  No pressure huh?  She is probably really thanking me now for that request.  I really want to do this reality show now, but I have no guarantees no certainty, just hope.  I will have faith that Jesus knows what is in store for me and what is best, and this might not be it.  A very kind friend told me recently, “if you have felt disappointment before what are you afraid of?”  Seriously I am afraid of everything, but I will charge on and like the guy in Ratatouie said, “LETS DO THIS THING!”    

miracles do happen!

I was down in the dumps last week, one of the worst weeks I have had in a long time.  I was thinking where is the next job going to come from, and what am I going to do after we finish all the jobs we have now?  Then a miracle happened a really nice lady walked into the office and said, “hi you measured a job for me four months ago and I am ready to get started and I would like to give you a deposit.”  I just about fell over and I wanted to jump up and down, but I contained myself.  I couldn’t stop smiling though.  This is a really neat job with some special attributes to it.  A lot of detail and I can’t wait to see the end result.  Just when I think I can’t go on, and my life is at its bleakest, Jesus intervenes and gives me more work to do.  Thank you Jesus! 
Now I just have to convince my dad that I need to get out in the shop.
your custom cabinet girl