i am grateful because i am actually breathing………………

In spite of everything happening in my life this last year I am so thankful for these two little boys and my husband who will love me no matter what.  I am grateful for that and I will praise Jesus for his faithfulness to me and his love for me, cause even in the hardest times, when I ask for peace he gives it to me immediately.
I am not very old, well 30 and I have never experienced so much stress in my entire life than I have this last year.  I have willingly invested in Weber’s Cabinets because my dad is a talented cabinetmaker, and I know this is where I am supposed to be.  I have put all my chips on the table now, and pushed them to the dealer and let him start dealing the cards.  That is what you risk being a business owner, all of your assets.  You either have to be all in or all out. 
I am not going to pretend that everything is fine when it is not.  And not unlike other small businesses its tough out there.  New construction on houses has taken a dive, and people are saving all they can because they’re afraid of losing their jobs, or they borrowed too much.  How do you save up for a 75% decrease in business sales?  Maybe if you are Billy Gates.  I don’t know except that only by God’s grace are we still plugging away and building cabinets for some very great people. 
And to you for listening to me thank you.
your custom cabinet girl

Installation Last Saturday

It’s been a crazy beginning of the week, hump day is tomorrow, and before you know it Friday will be here!  I had a wonderful time with my dad installing an entertainment center slash desk area slash storage unit.  It turned out so beautiful.  This is before……..

I had looked at the plans and assumed that the cabinets were going into an office or spare bedroom.  That is why you don’t assume, it makes an a** out of you and me!  Ha just kidding, anyway the cabinets were going into a master suite, and what a great idea.  A big space for the TV and room to put your files and computer.  Bookshelves for display and lots of drawers for clothing and things.  I was really happy with how this turned out and I really liked being there for the end result.  I have never really been at a job after its been installed and I got the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that our work was done well.

  I appreciate all of the clients that invite me into their home and let me be a part of something added to their lives.  I hope in turn they can enjoy their cabinets for years and years to come.  All of the opportunity given to me in my life is a blessing. 

Tomorrow I will be documenting the cabinets I had delivered today from Merillat Corp a prefab cabinet company we do work for.  Its an interesting job and a lot of patience to check each cabinet and make sure everything is in the van for delivery by Thursday.  See you then!
custom cabinet girl 

I figure everyone starts small before they get big right?

I am calling around today trying to find out if certain online companies would want to sell my butcher blocks. It seems far fetched really, I am going against Boo’s Blocks the biggest company of butcher blocks in the United States, probably the world. But I figure, you started small before you got big right?

It is certainly uncertain times right now, and my emotions are on edge and are high. Lucky for my husband! Just kidding…..Anyway, I am trying my best to find the craft shows and street fairs that I can get myself in so that I can get our name out there. Anything in order to build more awareness is the key to people knowing who you are. I hope in 5 years I will look back on these years as a very hard time to go through but something that has made me even stronger. Stronger in my relationship with Jesus, stronger in my ability to face criticism, and a sense of laughter over the insane things that are occurring economically to our company!  I know God has a lot in store for us, and its all in his time so I will just keep moving along humbly.

By the way, I am going on a job tomorrow to install beautiful custom cabinetry in a home office.  The office cabinets include two desks, a place for a TV, and bookshelves.  I am so excited!  And when I keep mentioning how excited I am about installing with my dad, he just gives me a look like I am getting on his nerves!  Hilarious.
Stay in touch all of the seven people that follow me, (thank you so much) and I will post on Saturday’s Install with pictures. 
your custom cabinet girl

i will get my day in the sun!

I have been in the office all week so far and I am getting antsy, wanting to get out. My Dad has been out on a job and will be for the rest of the week and part of next week. You can see his progress on that job soon at http://www.askthecabinetmaker.com in video. I have another trick up my sleeve and here it goes. I want to ask if I can begin doing one project a week in the shop. Such as small a job as putting glass in doors or sanding cabinets. I will document everything and update you as I go. So when Dad gets back into the office next week we will be talking about projects for me to do so that I can learn slowly but surely how to build cabinets. If I sneak in little bits at a time, I think that will be the most effective way to get my butt in the shop! Thanks for listening……..

your custom cabinet girl

day in the office

So here I am in my office today blah, blah, blah……….  When I first started doing the accounts for Weber’s Cabinets it was new and exciting, but that was in 2003 and now its not new and exciting anymore.  It’s almost like when you fall in love for the first time and everything is so wonderful and exciting, only to find out that he farts all the time and thinks burping is a sport.

I am a learner at heart and I always want to learn something new, and I have gotten to the point with my work now where I have learned all that I want to know about accounting.  And I am not so good at it so I need to move on.  Hence my idea to work in the shop!  Well folks its been an exciting week for me and next week I will have to bring in the big guns and see what I can do in the shop!

Later Gator!
your custom cabinet girl

me on the job!

Well I got dad to take pictures of me carrying the drawers into the shop (with my toolbelt on), so all of you wonderful people could take a look at what I am doing! 
The job I was on today was a neat experience because we are actually remodeling a kitchen my dad built in 1979 the year I was born. 
This really nice couple had my dad build their cabinets and now 30 years later are wanting to redo them.  So I took all the drawers out today and brought them back to the shop so we can take off the old drawer fronts and reattach new ones. 
The cabinets were actually made with oak and we are remaking all the doors and drawers in cherry.  We will be refacing the fronts with cherry as well.  I will get pictures of the job when its finished in a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow is an office day, but don’t worry we’ll talk.

new day, new challenge

So I am walking around the office in my tool belt getting ready for the job ahead tomorrow, and I’m feeling ecstatic!  It’s going to be a great day.  I am getting used to the feel of the tool belt around my waist and I like it.  Its not like a purse but better because I actually have my hands and arms free.  I could pickup something, turn around in circles with my arms spread out, who knew?  And the smell of the tool belt is something to experience.  When I had it in the car for a day my whole car smelled like leather.  Its a different kind of leather though, not Prada leather, but probably close to it!  I am dying to get the website address from my sister-in-law, (hint..hint)..so I can buy myself more crap for the tool belt. I heard everything on the website is pink.  A pink hand drill is what I really need, oh and maybe a hammer.  But it will all come.
For now, I will be up and ready in the morning to go out on the job and take off all the doors and take out all the drawers and bring them back to the shop.  The homeowner insisted I wear my tool belt.  Maybe I will get her to take a picture of me working.  From there, I will have to ask my dad what I can do out “in the shop” for the rest of the day.  It will be fun.  Stay tuned in friends!
your custom cabinet girl