out measuring jobs

Yesterday was so much fun, with turkey and stuffing and all that good food.  Here are my two boys and my nephew in the middle, Jackson.  All up to something yesterday.  It was a nice, quiet relaxing day, with no phones ringing, no disgruntled employees, no bills to worry about, no cabinets to build.  All in all it was a great day.    

I looked forward to taking my boys out this morning for a trip to a friends new house which they are remodeling.  What a great house, with so much potential!  They want us to build them two different vanities for each bathroom and I brought Nathan and Jakob out there to play with their kids while me and my dad measured the spaces for the vanities.  Well, my dad measured while I kept my eye on the boys (you never know), and I asked questions when I could.  Another outing learning with my dad is nice to spend time with him and also to let me be more prepared to go on my own.

I am going to be measuring more now, and I am definitely up for the challenge.  There is a lot to think about and I have been in the cabinet trade now full time for 6 years and I still don’t know a lot.  But, each year I learn about 20 new things which I love.  You will see me talk a lot about wanting to go out into the shop and assemble cabinets and that is something I am really begging to do right now.  I am always in the office and I have to a least know how the cabinets are built, which I do but I need to physically go out into the shop for myself and do it in order to create more credibility.  As you read a few days ago the “male shovinists” are alive and well and coming into my office!  This is just another way for me to prove myself although I shouldn’t have to, but because I live in the “Real World” I am going to.

Have a productive day!

Ice Cream Visits and Challenging Husbands

I think I will first talk about the wonderful visit by my 3 year old just a few minutes ago.  Nathan walks in the office with his ice cream cone he got from Grandma and laughs when I say, “Is that mine?”  He is so cute, and sweet.  When he leaves and I buckle him into his car seat he says, “Mommy I need a kiss and a hug.”  I just smile and realize there are only a few more precious moments like these, and there will be many new and different experiences to come.  I just want to freeze this time in my life just a little longer, it slips away so fast.  I just love the little hands, and the little toes, and the “Mommy help me!”  Even when I am tired or lazy I know in the back of my mind that this “needing” of me will soon end.  On to bigger and better things, they all say.  I hope that all of these memories will stay in my heart forever.

As for working today, I think I am ready for a vacation.  I am excited about the jobs we are finishing and the jobs I am quoting, but I know Thanksgiving is in just 3 days and it makes me so excited and anxious because I have a lot of shopping and planning to do.  My Jakob’s birthday is on Thanksgiving this year and that is another thing I need to get ready as well.  I still have to set up his Chuck E Cheese birthday party for the following weekend and I get Greg, “Mr. know it all” asking me, “did you set that up yet?”  Like I don’t go to work too.  I love to be the person in charge of groceries, laundry, parties, date nights, setting up babysitters, buying birthday gifts, picking up children from daycare, taking children to daycare, helping with homework, making dinner every night, giving baths, putting kids to bed, cleaning the house, going through the mail, paying bills, and oh that full time job thing too!  Sure Greg, I have time to set up the party too!  According to him he has the hardest job in the world and I assume right this very second he is laughing it up with all of his UPS buddies eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  It must be hard being him!

Career Coaching

I am always learning something new and I love to learn new things, and this year is no exception.  I learned earlier this year that there are career coaches.  Coaches that help you with anything you might need advice in for your business or even your personal life.  I wish I had known of this coaching before, but I am glad I do now.  I just finished my first six month coaching period with Lynn Telford Sahl and you can look her up on www.lynntelfordsahl.com.  She has helped me grow in the last six months, giving me a different perspective on situations I have faced and am currently going through.  I have found this coaching truly helpful and valuable for me and my business. 

I am now in a year long coaching program called the “Big Fish” program.  If you go to www.bigfishnation.com you can learn all about it.  This is a unique coaching program which has homework for me to do and books to read so that I can learn how to be a “Big Fish.”  I am so excited for what is ahead, and I have already learned so much. 

I have learned that you “only give energy to that which you want to grow.”  I also am excited that I started reading, “Write it Down, Make it Happen.”  I plan on writing down, “Weber’s Cabinets will sell hundreds of butcher blocks throughout the entire country from our website.” I am sooooo Excited!


This boy is just like his mother.  He is only 3, but he will sit in front of the computer and listen to the ITUNES music for long periods of time.  Never does my 3 year old ever sit still, but if you have Michael Jackson music or the song from the GEICO commerical; “Somebody’s Watching Me.”  You can keep him completely entertained.  Greg bought this microphone just for the fact that he can use it when him and the boys listen to music and pretend to sing.  My favorite is the video I have with all three of them playing fake guitar and singing; “You’re in the Jungle Baby.”  NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Nye, Nye, Nye……..

Great, now I can’t get that stupid song out of my head.

Missing Grandma Weber

Grandma Weber passed away just 3 weeks ago on October 22, 2009.  She was 90 years old, and she was the most loving and patient woman I have ever met.  She decided to take the risk of having heart surgury to possibly extend her life, but pneumonia took over her body and she lost her life.  I am so hopeful of where she is now, with Jesus in heaven.  She is in a better place than I, and I am hopeful that I will someday see her again.  I will get to hold those soft hands that she had, give her a hug, and maybe paint a picture with her.  She really loved my boys as you can see, and this picture was taken last year in my house when she came over for dinner.  She let them sit on her walker and they giggled and laughed because the walker was a fun thing for them to move around. 

Thinking for years that it wouldn’t be so bad when my grandma died because she got to live a long life.  It really doesn’t matter how old the person is when they die, I have found it all hurts just the same.   


Would you buy a Custom Made Butcher Block?

Would you buy a custom butcher block shaped like a wine bottle?

Please send in your answers.

On the very top is a chopping block made with cherry and maple lumber that we at Weber’s Cabinets are currently making. I went out into the shop to take pictures of it in progress. As you can see it is clamped up because the glue is still drying. I thought it might be a good idea to make an end grain chopping block into the shape of a wine bottle. Lodi California happens to be the heart of wine country and we have a lot of wineries in our small town. We also have a lot of tourists, and I thought we might sell these chopping blocks to the local wineries for them to sell as gifts.

The second picture down is a prototype of a chopping block made with end grain and solid lumber that is your everyday square style. These are beautiful blocks for use of cutting vegetables, cheese, fruits, and many other items. They are also good for display. Check out our website at http://www.weberscabinets.com/ for these items and more on sale soon.

Cowboy Memories

After my husband Greg came home from his trip to Dallas, Texas he of course brought back lots of Cowboy stuff. I really want to say “crap” because he actually brings back the plastic cups that you get at the stadium when you order a drink. He even goes down the aisle after the game and picks up cups that others left, “yuck.” So when he got home the boys wanted to see all of the things he brought home for them.

These are “special band aids” that they put under their eyes like the cowboy players would do with that black paint stuff. Jakob is almost 6 now and he has a little personality going, maybe he’s playing the part. I don’t know how he would even know how to do that. Nathan on the other hand is still my cute little guy with the great smile. They are both wearing their new cowboy hats too.

For certain, this family will never be with out Dallas Cowboy paraphernalia EVER!